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These are remarks about the status of site in general and/or development.

What’s TSM-Photography up to of late?

Been more than just a little while since my last post on photo stuff. Still shooting of course but over the past half year, I’ve been more concerned with wrapping up stuff and other issues in preparation for my coming retirement from my day job. OTOH, I’ve felt that 2015 wasn’t as productive a year for my photography as I would have liked. Haven’t even done a ‘best of 2015’ listing yet. Clearly blog’s need care and feeding, and this one has been starving of late. This Summer, I do promise to catch it up and as I have a number of cool trips planed in the Fall, I should have more posts to share with my readers.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back.

What’s up with TSM?

Been busy and am very focused on my weight loss journey. You can read about it here. I’m keeping up with the 365 project on my Q-system though. But as usual I’m behind on posting and story telling.

Hopefully, I’ll get some new posts up in the coming weeks of my adventures in photography.

Blog name change

I’ve decided to shorten the name of my blog to simply – TSM-Photograpy. It was headed that way anyway and I’ll be changing my watermark as well. I feel I need to separate my photography from my web design biz. So, as of today. That split has been made.

No change in content or focus of this blog. Just the simpler name.


What’s Up with TSM?

Well, a combination of workload, seasonal obligations, and general lack of blogging time have been keeping me from posting of late. I’m still shooting every day and have a number of shoots to post about. I’ll get them up by the end of the year.

If you want to see what I’m doing, my flickr site usually has my latest images.

Site additions – Related Posts

After reading about some new tools for WordPress blogs on Social Media Today, I’ve added a feature called ‘Related Posts’ to my site. This feature adds on full post pages, a grid of links to pages on this site with related information at the end of the post. It’s a kind of interesting feature. Let me know if you like it or not.

Site Reviews – Express yourself

Even though this site is just beginning, I’m very interested in any feedback you would like to provide on your visit of my site or work. I’m currently thinking or re-thinking just what the focus of this blog will be. It’s one thing to show off my work and really quite another to provided news and views of Pentax camera equipment. So please feel free to share any thoughts you may have here. I would appreciate it.

Rework of this blog

Well, from its brief and interrupted start last June, the TSM-Solutions Photography Blog is re-launching to something more real and sustained thanks to CS 57.11 from SRJC. It’s already advanced beyond my last effort as I have a plan, well…er…a proposal and lots of friendly students to look in on this puppy. So, here goes.