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Use this to access what I consider my best work as a photographer.

My Best of 2012

These twenty images reflect many of my top images from 2012 for me. We spent our 40th wedding anniversary in Pt. Reyes and 10 days in Hawaii, however, I did two trips to Bowling Ball Beach and fell in love with the place. A number of these won in my company’s photo contest. I’ve printed a number of these too. In the spring, I attended an intermediate photography class at Solano Community College, again working in black and white film, I greatly improved my skills and although only a few are presented here, developed a nice amount of stock imagery. Creatively, I was challenged in 2012 and that’s a very good thing.

So have a look. Comments, as always, are welcome.

My best of 2010

Continuing with my retrospective look back over the past five years of my photography, 2010 was quite a growth year for me. I had one photo class under my belt in Fall of 2009, I now had three DSLRs and really began to get serious about my photography. I also did a fall landscape photography workshop with a local pro that further added to my tool box of good places to shoot, critical insight on what was a good image versus a great image, and I also got back into black and white film.

These twenty images reflect a good segment of 2010 for me. We spent our vacation in Redding and Yosemite. Those were wonderful subjects to work with. So have a look. Comments are welcome.

Top Images from 2011

I began 2011with some personal goal, one being to go back to SRJC and relearn black and white film photography and checked into Art 36 in the spring. I was re-exposed to the darkroom, film development, wet printing, and a good foundation of art and some of the masters.We got into things like the rule of thirds, how to use it and how to break it and what I noticed then was that I began to actually previsualize some shots. Why, well between applying a few rules of photographic composition and using older slower cameras, I started to give things more thought and far less of the DSLR spray and pray technique. One of the highlights of 2011 was a fall trip to southern Utah including Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. This time I had more cameras with me and I shot a lot in 12 days, we even visited Death Valley on the way home.The other thing about 2011 was my work on a 365 project – that’s where you shot every day of the year. On I began with a world wide group to do a ‘single in’ challenge where each month we picked one lens from our collections, shot every day of the month with it, and posted one image on the forum every day. I did it for 12 months and did not miss a day! If you want to see the results from that, visit this link. I learned so much, not only about my gear, but about my surroundings, and how to produce something every day with photography. It wasn’t always my best. I continued this in the summer and fall of 2012 and am now on a hiatus.

Here are some of my best images from 2011.