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Day 2 – TGL Tanzania

On Monday evening we had another lovely meal of simple food (some of which I’m never really sure what it is but rice and beans of some kind seem to be involved), It’s always good. Then – as I predicted more or less – it rained for quite a while.

Tuesday morning – Seems like 4am is the dog barking / call to prayer / rooster crowing hour. Could not sleep so I got up about and did my blog. My mind went back to Monday and those kids. As we were going to be at the school basically all day, there was a lot of doubt in my mind about how it would go. Elizabeth was also having sleeping issues and we both worked on images for about a hour and a half until nearly breakfast. After breakfast Michael our leader broke out the 20 donated point and shoot cameras for today’s teaching shoot with the school kids.

Packed up and loaded into our bus taking us to the school.

Upon arrival amid shouts of ‘Simba!’ (Daniel is known around here as Simba) we exited the bus onto – oh did I mention that it rained a lot – a muddy field. The kids mobbed us and already several kids wanted more jumps from me etc. It was already like a reunion. What fun.
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Day 1 of the TGL Tanzania Experience

Tuesday Morning – Spent the bulk of Sunday getting acquainted with Daniel (he has quite a background and currently lives in Granada, Spain – how cool is that!) of the Giving Lens (TGL) and each of the members of our group as they slowly trickled in all day. Michael the co-team leader surfaced after 12 hours in the rack from travel later in afternoon. He was a nut! To our great surprise we realized that although 30 years apart, we both went to Redwood High School! Cool. At dinner our leaders began the orientation process for this trip. I was struck that both our leaders were very clearly engaged in the mission of TGL and how their experiences here and elsewhere were deep and very rewarding. Similarly, in meeting our American, Canadian, Singaporean, and Australian team members, how they all came from a background of travel and interest in helping learning about cultures. Not surprising really but, I feel the definite lightweight here in this area.

Monday morning we were greeted with an almost clear view from our house of the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro! Wow, that’s a big mountain, going to have to consider what it might take to climb that sucker.

The morning started with a nice breakfast and then down to business. Michael went over the trip and specifically the mission of TGL, we turned in our donated cameras (got one Pentax in the bunch…Michael joked that now there were 3 Pentaxes in Africa, my two and my donated one, I know this guy with one in South Africa though so there are at least 4). After the TGL talk, our real leader/guide/purpose for being here stepped up and wowed us with her description of the Excel Education Foundation (EEF). Sara, one of the two Tanzanian women who founded EEF in 2013, explained the whole evolution of how from a quick thought to help a few kids at one school, the two of them found this growing organization intended to give some children here in Moshi a chance in life they were on a path to never have. She introduced herself as a mother of 2 biological children and 80 adopted children. I won’t get into more detail on that but honestly, I was struck at how this was a locally developed deal and how Sara and her friend Fatuma were driven to, well, make a difference.
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Leg 1 done, waiting for leg 2

Dateline Dubai International Airport, it’s 9:30 pm in this enormous airport. Friendly people and great shopping…on my return of course. The 15+ hour flight over the pole was long but good.

The screen on the flight today over the pole. Nice sea ice.

Slept ok, food good. Only issue was a annoyingly boorish women in the middle seat. Lift could be harder I guess. Anyway, thanks to Amanda’s TGL trip 3 years ago, I researched airport shower options. The Marharba lounge here is really nice with food and drink included. It’s 40+ pounds but worth it. I get to say here until midnight then take the train to my next flight at 1am local…

Next stop Nairobi…


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SFO – Waiting for leg one

Got here a bit past 1pm, checked-in very quickly, TSA Precheck again! 2 minutes from entering to exiting, no scan, shoes off, just metal screen and I’m in. Very cool.

Me beginning my blog today.

Next stop Dubai…


#TGLtanzania #thegivinglens

Tanzania – 2

Well, two days to go before liftoff and I’m still adding and subtracting to all the photo equipment for Tanzania. Can’t even load it all into the pack yet to get the weight. Regardless, a lot of this will be used and needed on this journey. Will be working on the final clothes next.

However, have checked in for my flight and booked lounge time in Dubai for a shower etc. Less than 48-hours now to go.


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Tanzania – 9

In 9 days I’ll board a flight from SFO and begin my journey to Tanzania for 20 days in country. So much yet to do and prepare but so much already done. This trip is about photography. Got some tips tonight from another photographer who was there this February. Basically, I’m on track for the trip. Working on Swahili and customs. The Facebook list for TGL is heating up and I think we are all feeling it.

I’ll post as often as I can. When in country it may be harder but my goal is to keep it up. That’s all for tonight.


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Getting Ready for Tanzania

I’m heading to Tanzania in August this year and so as I will be on Safari for a portion of my time over there, I’ve upgraded my outfit…So here is the total camo look I’m rockin’


Hoping I don’t scare off any animals. It’s all Pentax gear of course and the lens coat is from well, lenscoat.

Thanks to my daughter Amanda for this great shot.

#TGLtanzania #thegivinglens

Pentax Q Retrospective

Saw a nice post from a UK based photographer – Guy Carpenter of Gullwing Photography – about his reflections and images shot with a Pentax Q7 over the past year. The link to his blog is here A year with a Pentax Q7.

His thoughts and images are important to me as I’m doing my own 365 project with my Q system on this very blog site. I have to say that I really like his images and his reflections. Well done Guy!