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Pentax Q Retrospective

Saw a nice post from a UK based photographer – Guy Carpenter of Gullwing Photography – about his reflections and images shot with a Pentax Q7 over the past year. The link to his blog is here A year with a Pentax Q7.

His thoughts and images are important to me as I’m doing my own 365 project with my Q system on this very blog site. I have to say that I really like his images and his reflections. Well done Guy!

My 365 project is now started.

Well, I’ve begun my Pentax Q7 system 365 project. You can review my work and progress here.

Shooting the Moon

A few weeks back we had the news that this year’s super full moon was going to occur. In recuperation for that one of my photography meetup groups held a shoot the moon meet up to practice for the then coming full moon. I’ve tried to get some moonrise shots in the past with spotty success and last year I even did a workshop with a pro photographer on how to do this. On top of this since my efforts last year, I’ve acquired to new tools: a Pentax Q and an old Tamron Adaptall-2 300mm f2.8 lens. Each of these adds something to my arsenal of tools to get a decent picture of the moon, which is a surprisingly difficult subject to shoot. The Pentax Q is a small mirrorless interchangeable lens camera which can via adapters accept lenses from larger camera systems (like my normal Pentax DSLR). The interesting thing about the Q is that it has a 5.5 crop factor which means that any lens you put on it is 5.5 times longer than it’s equivalent 35mm lens, so if you have a long lens and want to make it 5 times longer, you can theoretically attach the Q to it for some amazing magnification. So I thought that with my 300mm lens and Q I should get an equivalent 1,650mm lens- WOW. Anyway, that was the hope for this shoot.

Here is a picture of the Q (keep in mind that it’s no bigger than a credit card).

The Tamron Adaptall 300 is a 1980’s lens made with an ‘adaptall’ mount that allowed one to have a lens which, with cheap adapters, could be used on many camera systems. Normally lenses are sold with only one mount, i.e., if you buy a Canon lens, it will only work on Canon cameras, or you could buy a third party lens (like Tamron) for a Canon with that mount only. Adaptall’s were an attempt to get around this limitation. Here is a shot of the 300 which weighs 7-8 lbs!

Ok enough about the gear! So we set up at the end of a street in southern Santa Rosa. The location had a nice view to the east and south. Here is a shot of the group:

So what were the results?
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A Guide to Portrait Lenses

Portrait Lens Guide

It’s been awhile since I posted a bit on Pentax specific stuff. I saw this post on one of my favorite camera forums and felt that a repost would be good. While this is, of course, specific to Pentax gear, it does give one some info on focal lengths for portraiture. Personally, I’m a fan of the DA*55 f1.4 lens as it renders great color and nice head shots.

Read about it here

I’d be interested to know what others think about this article.

Edit: I realized it might be good to share a recent portrait shot of mine here. This was shot with the DA*55 f1.4. I shot this at f5.6 and while I could have blurred the background, I liked the adobe walls as context for this shot.


Last CS 57.11 Post

As was indicated early on, this blog was created as a result of my attendance of a class on Social Media (CS 57.11) at Santa Rosa JC in the spring of 2013. Today’s post will be the last ‘required’ post of the class. Any following this one will be on my own as I see fit. I’m hoping to keep this blog going and an approximate once per week cycle seems doable. I feel the concept of this site won’t change much although I may work over the template some, as review of my fellow student sites has made me feel mine is a bit plain…

Anyway, this site will continue.

I didn’t get much shooting done over the past few weeks as work and family have taken precedent over photography (gasp!), yes it does happen. But here are several shots from the last two weekend activities:

Living History Day at the Petaluma Adobe
A 1830’s era American sailor

Playing a hurdy-gurdy

Making English lace
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The Humorous Side of Photography

I’ve tended to be fairly serious on most of these posts but I thought it might be interesting to see some of the more humorous side of photography. These three short videos, while each having a bit of inside the game info in them are representative to me of how we as photographers can laugh at ourselves.

If you can identify yourself in any of these shots, you’re human. I can see some aspect of myself in most of these at some stage of my development as an artist. Of course I don’t do ANY of that now! (Yeah, right!)

This one is a joke mirrorless camera brands. Note that Pentax (the K-01) is left outside the party…story of my favorite brand.

And my all time favorite is the Battle at F-Stop Ridge. This portrays a battle scene essentially between film and digital camera shooters. Just watch!

Note that the last two videos were produced by ‘The Camera Store.’ An outfit from western Canada who love to do wacky interviews and videos just like these. They are great.

Edit: In the general humor category here I present this link to read. It’s funny to a point.
Uncle Bob versus a Pro Wedding Photog

Using Manual lenses on Pentax DSLRs

When I bought my first Pentax camera in 2008, I didn’t know it but I soon found myself in the world of the k-mount and with it came a number of very interesting realizations. For the uninitiated, the k-mount is the name given to the bayonet fitting used on Pentax 35mm and Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras since the mid 1970’s. We recently learned that the k stands for King – kinda cool really. Note that other camera systems have their versions of bayonet fittings, Canon: c-mount, Sony: alpha-mount, etc. There is no standard fitting for lens mounts and for a number of camera manufactures these have changed with the times often with no backward compatibility to early lenses. Why is this important? Well, even in the film camera days, camera bodies come and go but glass (lenses) lasts. So if you have a number of lenses for a specific camera system, you may upgrade the body time to time but you hope that your investment in glass, which can be many times more than the cost of a single camera body, endures. Continue reading

Learning PENTAX Lenses: A lens for Every Photographer

This is a nice promo video from one of Pentax’s featured photographers Kerrick James. It’s worth a look if only for the lovely southwest photography.

You get a very nice overview of the current lens offerings, as well as, a demonstration of their use. I’m a bit sheepish to say this but I own quite a few of the featured lenses.

Pentax DA 560 f5.6 Unboxing

This is a major event! For years Pentax users have been begging for a really long telephoto lens. Pentax has finally delivered one, at 560mm’s it’s a duzzy and only $6,999 (plus shipping of course)! This unboxing is just the sort of thing that gets Pentaxians to cash in our 401K’s and head for the stores.

Thanks to for this version of online voyeurism.