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Infrared Photography

Early on in 2008 my rediscovery of photography, I stumbled onto some images taken in color infrared.


They looked like an alien landscape and I began to wonder if I might like to do this sort of photography as well. It took several years of education, the acquisition of an older digital camera (a Pentax 100ds), and a conversion of the camera to infrared service. By the Summer of 2010 though, I had a camera which would act like a normal DSLR but the sensor would see and record images of near infrared light. One of my very first images from then is this shot of a cloudy day at a pond near my office.


To understand this image a bit one has to understand that in color infrared, green is shown as white (white thankfully, stays white). Light and dark can display quite differently though and tend to be more intense. This comes with a grainy and soft feel to the images though. You can get things like this:


Or this (one of my favorites):
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