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Day 2 of the Grand Kenetic Championship


Images from the water launch site in Eureka, CA

Kinetic Grand Championship

_IGP3497_IGP3498The scene today at the great kinetic sculpture race in Arcata, California_IGP3516_IGP3524_IGP3526

Kinetic Grand Championship, a set on Flickr.

Some images I shot from the first day of the Kinetic Grand Championship in Arcata, CA.

The Humorous Side of Photography

I’ve tended to be fairly serious on most of these posts but I thought it might be interesting to see some of the more humorous side of photography. These three short videos, while each having a bit of inside the game info in them are representative to me of how we as photographers can laugh at ourselves.

If you can identify yourself in any of these shots, you’re human. I can see some aspect of myself in most of these at some stage of my development as an artist. Of course I don’t do ANY of that now! (Yeah, right!)

This one is a joke mirrorless camera brands. Note that Pentax (the K-01) is left outside the party…story of my favorite brand.

And my all time favorite is the Battle at F-Stop Ridge. This portrays a battle scene essentially between film and digital camera shooters. Just watch!

Note that the last two videos were produced by ‘The Camera Store.’ An outfit from western Canada who love to do wacky interviews and videos just like these. They are great.

Edit: In the general humor category here I present this link to read. It’s funny to a point.
Uncle Bob versus a Pro Wedding Photog