My First Images from the 34th America’s Cup Series

This may become a recurrent post as it’s my intention to post images of this event in San Francisco Bay from now through its completion sometime in mid-September. Right now the challenger series is being run and will end in late August. While I can’t get there a lot until September, I will get there from time to time. Here are some shots from the July 27th race. It was supposed to be between the New Zealand (NZ) boat and the Swedish boat (Artemis) but the Swedish boat is not ready to race and thus the NZ sailed alone around the course collecting the win. Still it’s amazing to see a 72 foot catamaran going between 30 to 40 knots on foils right across your field of view. Wow!

All of these images were shot with my Tamron Adaptall 360b 300mm (f2.8 ) lens mounted on my Pentax K5 and tripod.

1 – foiling

2 – the best foiling shot I got

3 – racing in front of Alcatraz Island
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Shooting the Moon

A few weeks back we had the news that this year’s super full moon was going to occur. In recuperation for that one of my photography meetup groups held a shoot the moon meet up to practice for the then coming full moon. I’ve tried to get some moonrise shots in the past with spotty success and last year I even did a workshop with a pro photographer on how to do this. On top of this since my efforts last year, I’ve acquired to new tools: a Pentax Q and an old Tamron Adaptall-2 300mm f2.8 lens. Each of these adds something to my arsenal of tools to get a decent picture of the moon, which is a surprisingly difficult subject to shoot. The Pentax Q is a small mirrorless interchangeable lens camera which can via adapters accept lenses from larger camera systems (like my normal Pentax DSLR). The interesting thing about the Q is that it has a 5.5 crop factor which means that any lens you put on it is 5.5 times longer than it’s equivalent 35mm lens, so if you have a long lens and want to make it 5 times longer, you can theoretically attach the Q to it for some amazing magnification. So I thought that with my 300mm lens and Q I should get an equivalent 1,650mm lens- WOW. Anyway, that was the hope for this shoot.

Here is a picture of the Q (keep in mind that it’s no bigger than a credit card).

The Tamron Adaptall 300 is a 1980’s lens made with an ‘adaptall’ mount that allowed one to have a lens which, with cheap adapters, could be used on many camera systems. Normally lenses are sold with only one mount, i.e., if you buy a Canon lens, it will only work on Canon cameras, or you could buy a third party lens (like Tamron) for a Canon with that mount only. Adaptall’s were an attempt to get around this limitation. Here is a shot of the 300 which weighs 7-8 lbs!

Ok enough about the gear! So we set up at the end of a street in southern Santa Rosa. The location had a nice view to the east and south. Here is a shot of the group:

So what were the results?
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