AC34 Semi-Finals

So, about a week ago, in response to an email from the AC34 organization, I entered a ‘win a ticket’ contest and…on last Friday, I found out I won two tickets to the 4th semi-final race for the challenger series. So on August 10th my wife and I drove down to San Francisco to attend the race and sit in the very nice grandstand for free! Very cool. Here are a few from the day.

7 – The ‘Auld Mug’ and Me. They bring the real cup out for display and you can get your picture took with it (and the two nasty looking guys protecting their genitals). Some day that cup will be all mine!

Here are some scenes from the America’s Cup Village where we watched the race from.

8 – They had a display of all 33 challengers and defenders of the America’s Cup from 1851 until 2010, very cool.

9 – For fun they had radio control sail boats you could try.
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A Night at the Fair

Well, continuing with my summer series of event photography, I spent an evening recently at the Sonoma County Fair with some other photographers. We had been given special passes to bring our heavy photo gear in the gate without being given the bums rush by the security. This mostly meant that we could set up and use our tripods, which in the evening hours are a big help to creative photography at a venue like the county fair. I did this once last year as well so that helped with some time management issues as we again only had 2 hours to shoot with our gear. The other complicating factor is that we could only shoot between 7-9pm and…sunset was at 8:20pm which meant the really good light was only about 15 minutes [sigh]. So you go with what you are given.

Here are some of my keepers from the shoot:

From the Midway

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Civil War Days

On July 20th, I attended the Civil War Days event at Duncans Mills in west Sonoma County. This is a two day event in its 15th(?) year or so that usually has between 500-1000 reenactors and 3,000 to 4,000 attendees per day. I had attended this once before in 2011 and been very pleased with my images of the event and well, it was fun too! So back I went with one of my photo meet up groups. I spent the entire day there and staid until the evening to have dinner with a friend who is one of the reenactors at the event.

I will say that as a photographer, playing with these images to try to create that 19th century photo look is part of the fun of this for me. At times I used a pinhole lens and/or a creative lens called a Lensbaby to distort some of the images. You will see some of these in these few images from the event.

A familiar figure was seen roaming the event.

A blacksmith’s forge heating up some iron.
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