Our visit to MD, DC, and VA final part

About time to finish this story. The final part of our trip was focused on a multi-day visit to Colonial Williamsburg in southern Virginia. We had visited Williamsburg several times in the mid 1980’s when we lived in Maryland. Jocelyn had wanted Kyra to see this amazing town with it’s many historical reenactments. For those that are unfamiliar with the history of it, Williamsburg was for a time the colonial capitol of the 13 colonies and was home to the House of Burgess which was essentially the parliament for the colonies in the mid 18th century. Folks like Tomas Paine, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and Thomas Jefferson, would have known Williamsburg very well. The commanding building and residence there was the Governors Palace (home of the British Governor mind you)._IGP9531
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Blog name change

I’ve decided to shorten the name of my blog to simply – TSM-Photograpy. It was headed that way anyway and I’ll be changing my watermark as well. I feel I need to separate my photography from my web design biz. So, as of today. That split has been made.

No change in content or focus of this blog. Just the simpler name.


Our visit to MD, DC, and VA, part 3

Friday morning it was time to leave the Washington DC area and head east to Chincoteague Island on the Delmarva peninsula. With my typical dumb luck, while rushing around to load the car, I managed to seriously twist my ankle (for the second time in month) a problem that I’m still recovering from. This injury kept me from being greatly mobile the rest of the trip. Anyway, I still had a great time in spite of this.
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