Getting Ready for Tanzania

I’m heading to Tanzania in August this year and so as I will be on Safari for a portion of my time over there, I’ve upgraded my outfit…So here is the total camo look I’m rockin’


Hoping I don’t scare off any animals. It’s all Pentax gear of course and the lens coat is from well, lenscoat.

Thanks to my daughter Amanda for this great shot.

#TGLtanzania #thegivinglens

Goodby to an old friend

Thought I’d post a quick one. My 1997 Pathfinder is due to be donated in tomorrow. It’s given 12 year of amazing service and has 235k miles. It’s a bit got more life in it, but the new boss, a 2011 Honda Ridgeline by it’s side, is it’s replacement. Goodbye old friend. You’ve been a great ride.