Petaluma Photowalk and Lightpainting

Been awhile since I posted some of my photo activities. I do get out and shoot very often but, as it takes more time to process, arrange, and display my images, I do tend to be behind in sharing them here. Let’s go back to August 15, 2014. I attended a meetup of the West County Photo Group. The plan was to do a late afternoon shoot of downtown Petaluma culminating in a brief bit of lightpainting near the Petaluma River footbridge. The late afternoon light was hard and bright and my HDR tendencies came out in full force. Here are some of the better images.

#1 – The classic Petaluma downtown building

#2 – Another view of the same building – although the lens has made the building look a bit weird, I like this one that way just for fun.

#3 – Newer buildings – I love the colors here.

#4 – On Kentucky Street

#5 – Detail

#6 – Your sort of classic brick wall. I love how this light + HDR brings out the warmth of the bricks.

#7 – Grainery and Flag – shot with my old M120mm Pentax lens, a favorite of mine.

#8 – Lightpainting fun 1 – Our leader had a new lightpainting toy to play with. It’s a multi-colored glowing LED stick about 3 foot long. She ran with it over the bridge flipping it over. The resultant was this image. I liked this a lot.

#9 – Lightpainting fun 2 – Same deal but only in one place and rotating.

It was a fun afternoon and evening, even though the coastal fog arrived giving us a chill. Thanks for looking in.

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