Fort Ross and Salt Point

Mid August of 2014, I went with a meetup group from Fairfield to do an all day shoot first at Fort Ross State Park (SP) and then to Salt Point State Park both on the Sonoma Coast. I’ve been to both places numerous times and each has its moods and beauty. As it turned out the coastal weather was its usual gray overcast which made for somewhat less than exciting photography. However, the landscape photographer has quite often the task of making the best of the conditions and pulling out the images from it. Regardless, off we went to see what we could see. Here are some selected images from Fort Ross SP.

#1 – Cute seal on the rocks

#2 – Greasy (color) Pacific Ocean

#3 – Fenceline

#4 – Within the Fort

#5 – Cover to the well

#6 – Interior of the armory

#7 – Inside of the church steeple

#8 – Blockhouse stairs

#9 – Blockhouse lines

#10 – Warehouse lines

#11 – Wooden joints

While a bit less interesting on this day here are a the few of the better images from Salt Point SP
#12 – Rocky Beach

#13 – Fisherman

#14 – Seaweed and water – I got interested in this bunch of seaweed on the rocks and tried to capture some of the flow and power of the sea here. Still can’t decide which one I like the best.

Thanks for looking in – TSM.

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