What’s TSM-Photography up to of late?

Been more than just a little while since my last post on photo stuff. Still shooting of course but over the past half year, I’ve been more concerned with wrapping up stuff and other issues in preparation for my coming retirement from my day job. OTOH, I’ve felt that 2015 wasn’t as productive a year for my photography as I would have liked. Haven’t even done a ‘best of 2015’ listing yet. Clearly blog’s need care and feeding, and this one has been starving of late. This Summer, I do promise to catch it up and as I have a number of cool trips planed in the Fall, I should have more posts to share with my readers.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back.

2 thoughts on “What’s TSM-Photography up to of late?”

  1. Yes, my blog has been somewhat suffering from a lack of new posts in recent times. Plenty of photos taken, but that’s also the problem! By the time I process them and select the best, I’m sick of staring at the computer and go off and give my eyes a break.

    I do hope to get back to posting soon though.

  2. Well, I’m given to understand that blogs do have cycles. Usually this starts with good intentions and can end in remorse when you realize you’ve created a monster. However, my goal remains the same, to catch up this coming summer after I retire.

    Love, to see another post or two from your blog. I enjoy your images and stories.

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