Leg 2 done waiting for Leg 3

The relatively short 5 hour flight from Dubai to Nairobi ended this morning at about 5 am, nice and dark for a flight all night – theirs – on my day time body. Had a great seat and could stretch out with a ‘dinner’ at my breakfast time. Upon arrive we walked up the jetway then down the stairs on to the tarmac into buses. A few of us transfer folk were walked through security and the airport to a desk where they nicely checked us in, insured that our luggage might be attached to us and might surface at the right airport at the right time. That’s all good for me. Just want to see it all again in Moshi.

Met a nice Scot waiting for the bus, we passed the Turkish Air lounge in the airport I’d signed up for as had he. We got real chummy and I learned that ‘John’ lives in Portugal, was in 5th Commando during the Falkand’s war, is in international security for the UN and currently spends a lot of time in Africa doing security for camps. He was headed for Entebbe and points further in the interior of Africa. I guess he’s about 5-7 years younger than I and is planning to retire in a few years. One of his goals is to drive his 1200cc BMW bike around the perimeter of Africa! Wow, I will admire that from a distance and have no desire to follow that lead, but you know…it might be, not!

Anyway, living in lounges as I am at the moment is nice, food, power, some pleasant company. Works for me. Got to use my first word in Swahili today – asante – or thank you. Also broke out the big camera today and to a couple of snaps out the window to the east, somewhere out there Kilimanjaro waits.

Here’s the view out the window today. Not a great shot but it’s with the laptop camera again. Oh, and it’s hot the best weather either… [sigh]

Tonight – Moshi, Tanzania and tommorrow, begins the TGL experience.


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