Tanzania – Finally!

Dateline Moshi, Tanzania

After spending about 11 hours in Nairobi yesterday, the short 55-minute flight to Moshi, Tanzania was a relief. Nairobi was overcast which mostly stayed around all through flight. The plane broke through the cloud cover and a nice glory formed around the plane’s shadow, I had my phone off and couldn’t get a shot before it was running, however, although the image below is cell phone quality, I was able to get a shot of Mt. Kilimanjaro poking through the clouds! Very cool.

Got to the airport back under the cloud cover and made it through customs, the Romanians next to me paid $20 for their visas, I got the ‘American? You pay $100.’ Oh well, foreign aid I guess. Looked for my luggage and, and, and…there was my small bag on the carousel in good shape, but the big bag with all my stuff was nowhere to be found. So for the next 2 minutes I began to panic and headed for the Lost Baggage line. But I looked around the corner and bingo there my big bag was also safe and sound. Major crisis averted. Headed out of the airport (make that the small airport) looking for my ride and greeter and no one from the Honey Badger Lodge was there. Someone from TGL was there but they weren’t there for me (or so I was given to understand). Spoke with a guy who was also a taxi driver, as it was clear to me that the Lodge had not sent someone, I got a taxi ride with that guy. Took close to an hour from the airport. The final half mile was on a very bad dirt road, but got to Honey Badger Lodge and wow, was that cool. Had time for dinner and finally my own room and rest. However, the powered greens (Sharon) bag opened up and some spilled out all over…just add water, I guess. Oh, one more story. So apparently TGL thought I was going to their lodge directly and sent a driver for me at the airport. When I didn’t show they called home and spoke to Sharon causing her to get quite concerned about my whereabouts. It’s like, your husband is in Africa and we can’t find him on the plane…great start. Anyway, it was a mistake on their part. I was where I needed to be. Was able to resolve this using messenger but clearly there were some nervous moments between TGL staff and my family. All good now, I hope.

Woke up around 3:30am and tried to sleep some more but nope, so got up and reorganized my stuff.

Was able to walk around and get some shots of the lovely Honey Badger Lodge before breakfast. However, somehow Facebook decided that I was using it from some country in Africa or something like that and promptly locked me out of Facebook overnight. Spent a hour trying to resolve it this morning and only after uploading a scan of my ID did I get a message that they’d think about letting me back in, and that would be when?

So, TGL let me know that they would pick me up at my Lodge at about 9:30am. I had time for this great breakfast.

Got picked up and transported to the other side of Moshi to Twiga House and now the real TGL experience begins…


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