Day 10 – Moshi – Goodbyes

I took no photos today. Today was a day of goodbyes. Patrick had already said goodbye last night as he had a 4am flight out to Madagascar (luck guy!). Mostly today was about food, writing, and goodbyes. Over the day, by ones and twos, the TGL Tanzania 2017 team went their ways back to home or whatever was next. In the end after dinner it was just Michael and I left. We were flying out tomorrow to Zanzibar on the same flight although to different destinations on Zanzibar. Michael, Sara, and some new volunteers headed out some where for more entertainment. I hit the sack for more rest. I managed to get some blog posts up. The writing helped and still helps.

I already miss the team. So many interesting people and all good photographers as well.

Michael had said that by the end of the week, he’d know what should be for any of us our next TGL trip. I took him up on that after we got back from Safari. He thought a bit and said that he felt the Peru trip would be good for me and also Morocco and/or Jordon. Actually, those had caught my attention before we left. Hmmmmm…to that end, Julie and Carol had suggested the day before as we drove home to Moshi that the team should try to make another TGL trip next year and the suggestion was Morocco 2018! Sounds interesting but this trip has cost a lot and put a strain on my family. I have to weigh a lot of things before doing this again.

Reading the guide book in the evening on Zanzibar, I was getting excited to see the Indian Ocean and again, encounter the unknown.

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