Moshi to Zanzibar

Michael and I had a 10am flight out of Kilimanjaro Airport. It’s about an hour drive so we were scheduled to leave Twiga House about 7am. I got up early, finished packing (light this time as I was leaving stuff there). Breakfast and Michael got up, had his usual cup or two of coffee. We packed up and left for the airport. Got there just fine and went in through security, early. Then we waited. Our view of our Precision Air plane was this:

However, about 9am Michael noticed (on his second or third cup of coffee) that the engine cowling was up and the ground guys were just staring at it. He remarked that this was not good, and it wasn’t. This turned into an 8-hour delay for a 1-hour flight to Zanzibar…

It’s really not worth covering this, as anyone who had experienced a long flight delay will have similar stories, but they did give us some information and ultimately lunch. However, we just about had time to drive to Dar Es Salam, and take a boat to Zanzibar…Finally, they got a new plane and we boarded about 5pm. Hit the deck in Zanzibar around 6ish. Now I had tried several times to request a ride from my hotel but had never any confirmation of this. After we got our bags, I was fully expecting to grab a taxi for the hour ride across the island to my hotel. Michael remarked as we walked up to the parking lot that there was no way my name would be on one of the greeter’s signs but… there was Tim Morgan on one of them and a happy smiling face of my driver who had also waited 8 hours for me…wow.

My driver and I jumped into the car and proceeded in the dark out of Stonetown and across the island to my new home the Moonshine Uroa Boutique Hotel. I was greeted by smiling staff, shown around the grounds, offered what I now know as the ceremonial glass of juice as a welcoming. Went to my room, which was very nice (heck the bed had flowers on it and the towels were in a heart shape with the words ‘hukuna matatta’ in green stuff), the nicest I’d had the entire trip, took a shower, and went back to the hotel’s restaurant for a drink. So in the darkness, my first look at the Indian Ocean was this.

Ok, I’ll have to see it in daylight tomorrow.

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