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My first full day on Zanzibar… I had no real plans for the day other than to get to know the place. I got up too late to get sunrise – wanted to do that as the Moonshine Uroa Boutique Hotel, my new location, has beachfront looking directly east towards sunrise and I felt that I might see some nice sunrise/sea/clouds etc. Going out on a morning look around I was greeted with these views of the hotel and surroundings.

I’d been told that the tidal range here was fairly large but had yet to really see it. Seems like the high tides were around 6:30am and pm, with the low tides around mid day. As the morning progressed it looked like the rise/fall of the tides were about 15 feet! Wow, that is a lot. The locals though make use of this and go out to sand bars during the low tide to – I guess – gather clams or something like that.

Worked on my blog posts and images a lot of the day. It got fairly warm there but the afternoon sea breeze came up and things sort of cooled a bit. Spent the day on the hotel grounds sampling the limited menu for meals. Was funny to have choices of foods though after so many days of having meals offered to our TGL team. Enjoyed several of the local beers too.

Today was a real recovery day. The staff was very friendly and I set up some tours for the next couple of days.

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