Zanzibar Day 2

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After a recovery day, I was ready to get up early and get an Indian Ocean tropical sunrise photographed. Sunrise (and high tide) was at 6:30am (and Sunset was at 6:30pm as well, interesting). Got up, grabbed my gear, and headed out a bit after 6am. With the beach being about 40-50 feet from the common area in the hotel, I didn’t have far to go. It was already light but the sun was hiding below the horizon behind the low tropical cumulus clouds. The light was fairly good but I was hoping for better. The sea was quite calm with only a light shore break very near the sea wall of the hotel.

As the sun got near the horizon the colors got much better.

One fun thing was that the local fishing boats with their lateen sails, had launched in the dawn light and were – as they did every day I was there – sail southeast into the distance. I tried to get them into the shots but their distance was generally too far for my lenses, but if you look closely there are there on the horizon.

After sun up, the sun provided some nice Jacob’s ladders and specular rays on the intervening clouds.

Took lots of images but these few, I few above were the best of the lot. That’s the way it goes with sunrise/sunset shots in general.

The rest of the day was spent at the hotel swimming and still chilling out from my TGL trip. I was supposed to do a visit to a forest reserve but the hotel activities guy didn’t show so I just relaxed hoping to make it happen the next day. The weather was tropical and just great, the ocean was warm, and the afternoon breezes very welcome. I did get one nice shot of these outrigger fishermen boats that I liked.

Update, I almost forgot to include this image:

Basically, these cats (and some others) were around the place and seemed to rule the roost. They enjoyed meals with us and other times, like here when I wanted to work on the couch in the common area. Typical cats – they loved the sun. No one seemed to mind much either. Cool.

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