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The plan for the day was to enjoy the last morning in Zanzibar, pack up, have lunch and take the airport shuttle mid afternoon back to Zanzibar airport for the flight to Dar Es Salam and then back to Moshi. By now, I knew most of the staff in the hotel so breakfast and lunch was kinda like being in my own home…not too bad after just a few days there. Feeling rather burnt out on photography I think my only image today was this last shot from the restaurant area looking out on the Indian Ocean.

Got some sun, took a long, beach walk, swam in the pool a bit, packed up, and paid my bill. Ah, paying my hotel bill…well as my dollars were nearly spent and as I had very little in Tanzanian cash, I had counted on paying with my credit card. The hotel clearly took cards and so I began this routine process…however, the clerk got a puzzled look on his face the first time he ran my card, and the second time, and the third, and finally said, ‘we’ve been having problems with it lately, is there any other way I could pay?’ He called the owner (I think) and finally said, could I pay with PayPal? Of course I could and whipped out my laptop and sent the bill to them and confirmed with the follow up email from PayPal. I had a receipt, they were happy, and I could leave. [Side note on this is that when I returned to the USA, I found three charges on my credit card from the three attempts from the hotel to run my card. So the machine worked…I am having those charges wiped off though. Interesting.]

The drive back west across Zanzibar was interesting as it was in daylight, got to the airport, and after some bit of confusion as to where the departure entrance was, got my flight (about a 15 minute flight) from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salam. Had about a 2 hour layover at the modern Dar Es Salam airport. Gave me a chance to get familiar with it as tomorrow I would be back here on my way home. The evening flight to Moshi was ok, but I began to feel the sadness of the end of this trip weight on me, as well as the desire to be home again.

Arriving at Moshi around 9:15pm I got through the now familiar process and met my driver from Twiga House for the 45 minute drive back to my Tanzanian home. I was back in my room again – Simba – with it’s familiar bed, bathroom, and windows. Nancy greeted me and I rescued all gear I’d left and spent time again packing EVERYTHING this time. I hoped there were some other people at Twiga House as I’d have one last chance to chat with some folks but Nancy confirmed that I was the only guest that night. It was so quiet.

Tomorrow, I would go home.

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