My Take on Classics In Legos

As part of a project I’ve been working on I had to come up with a ‘copy-cat’ image based on a recreation (with my interpretation) of a famous piece of art. I have to say that I lacked great inspiration on this one and started doing some web searches for some idea of what I could do. As Vincent Van Gogh has always been one of my most favorite painters, I sought some inspiration from old Vince. As part of this search I stumbled on to several posting about artists who, several years ago, complied a number reworks of classic historical photographs in legos! The artist is Mike Stimpson from the UK and I recently found his flickr page on this: Classics In Legos He is not the only one doing this but his work is so good I’ll just have to attribute this all to him. Check him out on Redbook.

I was struck how well these were done and wondered if I could have a go at it too. Based on this concept, I settled on Van Gogh’s – The Potato Eaters – painting. I wanted something I could produce and that might look good in black and white as I was ultimately going to shoot this in film. The target shot looks like this:
The Potato Eaters

So…how did I do?
Here is the setup in color shot with my digital camera in color
the b&w version digital b&w version
and finally what I was after all along, in film Money Shot

I have to say that I learned how hard it is to do this and…how those stupid smiles on the Lego people really grate on you after a while…I’d love some feedback on these images.

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