A day (or two) at the Tin Can Rally

Recently, I visited once again the Tin Can Rally held in Petaluma at the local KOA.

My visit to this event last year had impressed me with several facts: 1. old trailers can be fun, 2. people who fix them up are weird but also fun, and 3. one can get great photos from one of these deals. It’s all a bit of Americana and hobbyist coming together. The exhibitors are proud of their restorations and love to dress up in the period (usually 1950’s or 1960’s).

For example.

And the interiors, wow!

Throw in some old car chrome and charm.

And you have quite a treat to see. Some of these Tin Can’s are just too cute for words.

Check out how the decor matches these cats perrrfectly.

I loved this cute couple and their matched trailer.



I had a ball there and got a few nice images as well. I’ll be back for next year’s ralley.

Tin Can Tourists

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