Our visit to MD, DC, and VA final part

About time to finish this story. The final part of our trip was focused on a multi-day visit to Colonial Williamsburg in southern Virginia. We had visited Williamsburg several times in the mid 1980’s when we lived in Maryland. Jocelyn had wanted Kyra to see this amazing town with it’s many historical reenactments. For those that are unfamiliar with the history of it, Williamsburg was for a time the colonial capitol of the 13 colonies and was home to the House of Burgess which was essentially the parliament for the colonies in the mid 18th century. Folks like Tomas Paine, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and Thomas Jefferson, would have known Williamsburg very well. The commanding building and residence there was the Governors Palace (home of the British Governor mind you)._IGP9531

The grounds around the Palace are huge as Kyra found out._IGP9461

The best part was that they were demonstrating how to make BEER. I was totally all over that._IGP9474

The girls all wanted to get dressed up in costume so the visited the marketplace._IGP9477And came away properly attired for the day._IGP9484Which then led Kyra to the stocks. _IGP9486

Colonial Williamsburg is really amazing right down to the horse drawn carriage._IGP9487The wig shop._IGP9498The fife and drummer._IGP9494We even had the opportunity to buy this horse (in support of the revolution of course)._IGP9501

Throughout the day various historical reenactments took place, this one (outside the House of Burgess) involved the traitor Benedict Arnold attempting to persuade us to become tories and embrace King George (no way!)._IGP9504

Towards the end of the day the fife and drum corp marched through town._IGP9513

From the gardens, to the silver shop, to the table setting of the richest man in town, we fully enjoyed our days in Williamsburg._IGP9536_IGP9533_IGP9542

On our final day of the trip, we headed to colonial Jamestown – the first successful British settlement in America (Billed as America’s Birthplace circa 1607!)._IGP9544

Located on the shore of the James River, this fort/town, must have been a difficult place to live in at first.2014-05-20 10.59.16_IGP9550_IGP9551

Finally, we left the history and headed to Norfolk International Airport for our return…only to have our flight canceled and we spent the night on the airline’s expense. That led to a nice morning flight home._IGP9562

Hope you’ve enjoyed our trip and story.

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