Late Summer Visit to Trinity Lake

In early August last year, Sharon, Kyra, and I put the boats on the Pathfinder and headed north for a long drive to Trinity Lake in northern northern California. Upon arriving there, we met up with Amanda and Chris plus Chris’ family for a nice weekend of camping. While I didn’t do as much creative photography as I thought I might, I did get some nice images of the Trinity Lake area worth sharing. For one thing, there was a very active wild fire 6-8 miles northwest of us and at times during the day it really ruined the vistas an…the air quality as well, for another, Trinity Lake with the drought was down close to some 200 feet below normal and most artificial lakes like this are seldom picture postcard lovely when their bare sides are showing. On the other hand, this was also the weekend of the ‘super moon’ and I expected to try to capture a shot or two of this event, but again, the smokey skies as well as the terrain really limited my options. So here are some images from this weekend.

Late afternoon in the lake bed with smokey skies looking to launch our kayaks.

From the same spot looking back towards our campground. Note that the treeline here is the ‘normal’ lake level and where I took this shot would have been under about 50 feet of water.

Dawn before sunrise on the lake bed of Trinity Lake, more smokey clouds – and weird plants too.

Late afternoon in the lake bed with some water in the distance. _IGP9786_7_8

A bit later that afternoon. _IGP9783_4_5

While noisy, this Skycrane helio was making many trips to the lake to fill it’s water bucket to fight the nearby wild fire. _IGP9794

I got one good image of the super moon and shot it in HDR for fun. _IGP9804_5_6

Activities at our KOA campground (yes, we occasionally camp at KOA), were many for the kids and Sharon, Kyra, and I even sat in for bingo.

On our final full day there, Sharon and I took the boats out for a paddle to see the lake from the water level perspective. Would love to come back when this lake is more full as it is a huge lake with many miles of shoreline to explore.

But when the lake level is down some 200 feet, it’s just not that exciting.

Anyway, we’ll return here someday, hopefully in better conditions. It is an interesting area though.

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