earldaperl_300px My background as a photographer comes from my family. My grandfather loved taking pictures of everything and particularly of his travel. I grew up with that and began taking pictures with a baby box camera at 6 years old. My father was a commercial artist and used photography and graphic design in his work. He also shot as a hobby and really helped to get me into it. As a teenager I got in to black and white film and learned to do my own lab work in high school. Later I loved to shoot 35mm slides and did so for many years. Somewhere after the children began to grow, the cameras I used got simpler and my photography boiled down to ‘we were there’ and family functions. This all changed five years ago when I got my first DSLR a Pentax K10d. Now I have three DSLRs, three 35mm film camera, a 645 and a 6×7 medium format camera, and about 50 lenses. Apparently I’m hooked on photography.

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  1. Gorgeous photography. I really like how you have the header change as you click on different pages. This is (or used to be) difficult in Joomla. Did you find it easy in WordPress? And if so, how did you do it?

  2. Thanks! The rotating header is (as far as I know) just a feature of the template. Where you add the header image, you can select and option to add more and show them randomly. Very simple really. I like it too as it gives the pages a bit more interest.

    1. I’m a little new to blogging and I’m not sure how to advise you on this. There are links in the side bar on each page to subscribe to the RSS feed. That’s what I’d recommend.

  3. Hi Tim,
    Your pictures are pieces of art that would be nice to frame so they can be enjoyed daily. It sounds like you learned the “hands on history of photography” and continue your interest by keeping up with the changes. How does understanding the photography processes in the past enhance your appreciation for the craft given digital cameras, cameras in phones, and photsoftware (like photoshop)? Do you have a preference?

  4. Thanks! In response to your question, I have to say that my return to film (which I argue is not the past, it’s just not mainstream today) was motivated by several factors. The first being that I always loved shooting film and black and white in particular. In my film days, there was a time long ago that I worked to learn to be an artist but got to a point were life took over and I moved on to other things. I also came to see that I wasn’t that talented and that this was not my art ‘calling’ so to speak. With my rediscovery of photography in 2008, some of these same issues came to light and I began to tackle these old issues by filling in my education and experience in photography. This has helped a great deal and really elevated my knowledge and sharpened my eye. The second motivation is that shooting film makes you slow down and … think. With digital photography there is a tendency to ‘spray and pray’ that is to shoot many shots presuming that you’ll get a good one in there some how and if needed you can always ‘fix it in Photoshop’ (or similar). By shooting film I’ve learned more about previsualizing an image (seeing your shot before you take it) and trying to get the image right in the camera. All of this has improved my photography over the past 5 years. My photography classes have introduced me to study of master photographers of old and today and the history of the art form.

    As to preference, digital is fun and I love my DSLRs. I’m not partial to cameras in phones by the way. As far as software goes, I use LightRoom to process 98% of my images with Photoshop being used mostly for special operations. For film, I’ve come to love medium format (120 film) cameras. They are old, heavy, but the resolution of the negatives is so much more than 35mm. I’ll typically scan my negatives and get them in to digital processing, although I have to say that my really good film images do better when they are printed in the good old darkroom.

  5. One of the things that really impresses me about the work of photographers like Ansel Adams and Minor White was not only their impeccable technical skills but their ability to ferret out incredible imagery from the physical world. Many of which are transcendental. I’m a trained artist and consider myself to have a “good eye” but I have yet to even see anything that comes close to their imagery, no less capture it on film!

    1. I don’t know Minor White (perhaps I should) but clearly Ansel was all of that. As I’ve learned more about him, I’ve come to understand that he wasn’t a great of a photographer as others in his era (like Weston) but he was a genius in the darkroom. Still though, one has to know where to point the camera and at what time. I continue to try to learn from these and other masters. Someday I hope to be some small amount as good as them.

  6. Thanks Tim for calling past Photo Morsels and having a good look around. And I see you were kind enough to add me to your list of photography links. I haven’t yet advanced my site development to including a list of links but will return the favour when I do. This last week I’ve started on improving the Photo Morsels menu structure, adding some nested menus. As the number of posts start to build, the need to provide some pathways into the library of posts is also growing, or my older posts will just become lost over time as new posts pile on top.

    Maybe because I’m been thinking a lot about site navigation this week, I noticed in your site that navigating to your main posts page from a page like this “About” page is not too obvious. I eventually realised that clicking on the header will do the trick, but casual visitors may not and wander off elsewhere. May I suggest adding the main posts page to your menu structure??

    I’m looking forward to moving up from my Pentax K-x to a shiny new K-3 during November. I suspect the jump will be pretty phenomenal in both resolution and dynamic range. Seems like a good excuse to do another Single in.. challenge soon. Pentax Australia have been very good with the pricing. Adjusted for exchange rates and the fact that Australian retail pricing must have point of sale taxes included in the advertised price, the K-3 list price has been very keenly set.

    Finally, love the moodiness of your site’s header photo. Was that taken over Sausalito way near the ferry wharf?

    1. I’ve just noticed your header is dynamic. Re my “Finally, love the moodiness of your site’s header photo. Was that taken over Sausalito way near the ferry wharf?” query, I was referring to the image of the sunset with Alcatraz in the distance.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I will take a look at that. What I really want it a ‘home’ link for my secondary pages like ‘About.’ As far as the Sausalito image goes, it’s taken at the foot of Main Street in Sausalito and is about a half mile or so south of the ferry terminal there (towards the Golden Gate Bridge).

  7. Hi, I happened to find an old thread in a certain photography forum we both inhabit where, way back in 2009, you detailed your occupation.
    In light of that, I draw your attention to this post of mine South Australian Aviation Museum and particularly the link to the history of the CSIRO Fokker F27 at the end of page 3. You might find that an interesting read.



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