Weight Loss Diary

This is my place for personal reflections on my participation in Kaiser’s Medical Weight Loss Program

I’m involved in an 18 month medically managed weight loss program where for the first four months I was on complete meal replacement, then over 4 weeks real food was gradually re-introduced. Now I hope to spend the remaining year+, 1) keeping the weight off, and 2) learning life changing strategies to modify my behavior. My hopes were to only loose 40lbs (or more) but to make changes in my medical conditions. So far, these hopes have been wildly exceeded and I’ve lost a maximum of 70.5 pounds and increased my fitness a lot. Much more work to do though. Began a 6 week ‘reboot’ mini loss program on 4/20/2016. The goal is to once again move the set point to a lower value. I’m to hold to a budget of 1,500 cals/day, exercise, track etc. Back to three products / day and a rather complex but tasty menu for duration.
Note that I’m tracking my food and exercise on LoseIt! a nice smartphone/web based app.

3/2/17 – Been a long 8 months since my last entry. I’ve realized I need to start blogging again. Looking back at these past months I find that retirement has been good and bad for me weight wise. I’m up to 188 currently with a high of 192! That’s too much and through my 190 absolute barrier. Work out wise, I’m still very focused. I’m stronger, heavier, but better now. I participated in the June Goju-Kai promotional and achieved a 1st kyu rank. I did decide to pass on the October promotional and just did the February one. I appear to have been promoted to Shodan-ho. Imagine, I’m a black belt now…wow. Guess it’s been worth it for just that alone. I never would have believed several years ago that I could get here. However, I must get my weight back down to the 170’s. Got a loose plan but it will need me fully focused in late March, post baja. We shall see.

6/1/16 – Reboot is now over. I lost a net 2 lbs. on it. Good but not what I expected. Learned a lot about me too. I did stop the slide. So now today after a crushing Goju-Kai workout, I’m down another 2.5 lbs., go figure…Got really lazy on tracking though, that’s a side effect of the reboot. Back on track today though. So I’ve suspended my TRCFit training and am replacing it with mondo karate stuff. TRX will figure into this as well. Weight aside, I like my body shape! Ok, so there was really never a point where I didn’t but some photos of me from a few years ago were enough to convince me that thing had to change, and they have. Cool. Oh, one more note. I’ve also suspended my MWM classes for June. My intention is to continue with the work outs and perhaps a bit of Tai Chi as well. I just need time to focus. 29 days until retirement…

5/20/16 – Hard to believe 15 days have passed, but they have. I’m s l o w l y loosing a bit of weight, still within the band I’ve been in for months. The reboot has stopped the upward progress but not done much about my goal. I’m my own worst enemy though as almost daily I find ways to drift a bit. I like the focus here and most of the food choices but my body just wants more stuff. Can’t blame the reboot really just me. Still at 169.5 today (been down to 168) that’s better than 174 when I started. I’ll be glad to finish this up and spend my June over working myself to retirement and promotion. Somethings to look forward to I believe. TRCFit continues to support me and my big toe injury is fading away. Just in time I believe for Goju-Kai promotional exam. If and I mean if I get promoted to 1st kyu, that would mean I could be going for my black belt in October or February next. Wow. A few years ago, I’d never believed that I could get here. Now there is a path. Lotta sweat on that path though.

5/5/16 – Wow, Cinco de Mayo. Well several weeks into the reboot I’m working hard but still about 170. Still want more carbs too. It is slowly sinking though. Hurt my right big toe in Goju Kai last Saturday so I’m taking this week off of that recovering. Good thing too because the foot was screaming a bit too much. Getting adjusted to this reboot but feel that my goal should be 1,400 calories/day – it would be harder but I think I’d see more results. OTOH, I can do this reboot anytime in the future. So…all in all…another good skill to have I guess.

4/29/16 – Sharon’s last work day! Reboot, need to reboot the reboot. Still around 169-170, figured out the food menu though. Had a off the reservation day yesterday and am compensating today. Don’t want to go to all this effort for a six week plateau though. More later.

4/22/16 – Earth Day and I’m off work, nice. Began the reboot this Wednesday. Started at 174 and now I’m down to 169, first time this month below 170, all very good. Really struggled the past several days to implement this reboot menu. I can see that I’ll figure it out but it’s got me a lot more kitchen time than I consider healthy…yikes. Still, down 5 pounds in three days is awesome, I doubt I’ll sustain this rapid rate but I’ve been thinking of late that I’ve been at a balance point where when I eat less I lose and eat more and I gain. Not so startling an observation but that’s where I’ve felt I’ve been. Hopefully I’m not yo-yoing again. Time will tell of course.

4/14/16 – 172.5, a little up and a little down. That’s been the past few weeks. Next Tuesday I start the 6 week reboot. My goal still remains 163 and I’m determined to get there. Strength though is way up, which is very good. Little else to say though. Keep on keeping on at the moment.

4/4/16 – Well some news. I’m at 174.5 and am suffering the effects of 1) too many relaxed weekends, 2) taking my eye off the ball more than I care to admit, and 3) beginning April 1st, a new weight policy – for the past ? 6 or 9 months I’ve been carrying a slight weight reduction factor trying to adjust my morning weigh in to get to my ‘true’ weight. It’s varied between 1 to 2 lbs – usually about a pound but it’s been there. I decided to just quit trying to out guess the scales and record what it is regardless. I suspect this will cause me a bit of frustration as I’m very sensitive about the numbers but…the overall goal of 163 is still there and with this change, I hope to feel even better about reaching the goal. I’m looking forward though to the MWM 6 week reboot coming in mid April. While I believe I’m capable of getting to my goal myself, the reboot should be the vehicle to get there with less fuss (I hope). Anyway, other than just eating too much on the weekends etc., most everything else is the same. Interestingly enough, the reboot comes at the anniversary of 18 months in the program. Cool.

3/20/16 – Ok, so I’m getting a bit lazy with entries and habits. I’m currently at 171 but have again been yo-yoing down to 166 and up to 173. Normal but a bit annoying. I did well at Goju promotion and am now a 2nd kyu brown belt. Wow, 2 kyu! That’s been hard to believe, but it’s for real. I’m now learning kata Seinchin (required for 1st kyu), it’s hard and long but cool. I realized a few weeks ago that I’m a lot stronger now, between TRCFit and my training in February for Goju, I’m stronger now than I was in most of my 30’s. So that’s cool even with all the aches and pains of my 60’s. MMW class continues to help although Maya is not Angela. They have decided to do to a 6 week weight loss reboot in mid April. I’ll jump on this as I may be the way to finally get to my goal of 163, if only for a day. Ice cream binges continue to be a problem though. Anyway, 6 weeks of a modest structure should be a good reboot. I’ll write about that more intensely then. Had a great visit to Palm Springs and Amanda the beginning of March. Really was a fun visit. So, need to retire though. My mind is getting more and more fixed on this. Just did a 4 mile hike on the Laguna off of Stony Point Road partially in the rain. Happy start of Spring.

2/25/16 – It’s been a good week. I’m at 167.5 been as low as 166.5 and as high as 169 so that’s really good. Goju is killing me, yikes they are hard on me but I asked for it. Promotion is 4 days away and I think I’m where I’m supposed to be but STILL have a lot to fix. I did not go to Lifestyles this week as I needed the time for training etc. It’s been a good week.

2/19/16 – Well 9 days latter and I’m at 169, gotta save myself from myself on the weekends. I seem to sabotage my progress then and then spend all week catching up. Still working out with intensity. My goodness I average more than 700 minutes a week and the RDA is 150 minutes / week. Goju is getting even harder now as I’m 10 days out, don’t know if I’ll make advancement though. I’m trying very hard to but doubts are creeping in. Breath says my friend…I’m breathing ok? Oh, I’ve put my bar reduction schedule on hold until March, it’s just too complicated with Goju at the moment.

2/10/16 – I made it 5 days with the food/exercise deal and got down to 167, but…then I got sick and on the 6th ate myself better. Low energy weekend and Monday as well. Back at it yesterday and I’m in high gear today. So the February total – so far – is lost 6 lbs regained 4 and now dropping again. Back to Goju tonight though. Yikes. Get me to March!

2/4/16 – Well! Three days into the February roll back quest, I’m down to 168.5 I’ve been keeping in the 1300-1500 calorie range the last 3 days and the weight is rolling off. I’m really going for my goal of 163 now. OTOH, Goju-Kai is really heating up. I only have about a million minor corrections to fix, no problem. 🙁

2/2/16 – Meteorologist Day er…groundhog day. Down to 171 this morning. We started promotional training in Goju-Kai last night. Yikes, my body hurts already and the killer workout in TRCFit was icing on the cake today. Been averaging 172-174 the past few weeks and just can’t move the needle, good I guess but I still have my goals. So, I’m limiting myself to 3 bars / day now and trying to keep well under 1500 cal/day. Good start yesterday but…it’s a long month. Soooo much stronger though. Time will tell. My goal is to try to move the needle this month and then hold it wherever in March. I have to undo the damage of November / December.

1/14/16 – Up down up down back to 170 again this morning. Really tired though. Yikes.

1/7/16 – Well, I’m down to 170 now and dropping quickly back to where I belong! Keeping my intake < 1,800 cal/day + exercise seems to be working just fine.

1/6/16 – Wow, almost 20 days have passed since the last entry. Lots of things to tell. For one, my mother passed away on the 21st. It was an amazing experience for me with Jocelyn there too. I’ll write about that somewhere else on day. For another, I really drifted during the Xmas holidays. I peaked out at 176.5 on January 3rd and have been dropping ever since. Just too many snacks and too many things to eat. Gotta ration nuts and cookies out. Actually, I’m back to where I was on the 15th but it doesn’t feel like that. The trend is down and that’s good. I did set my 2016 weight goals as follows:

2016 Weight and Physical Fitness Goals
1. Weight – Attain 163 weight goal.
2. Weight – Maintain weight below 168.
3. Weight – Start step counting again. January average 10k SPD, and if possible, 10k+per day. Go up 500 SPD/month to a maximum of 15k.
4. Get off bars – 4, 3, 2, 1 by the end of April.

Angela announced that she is leaving our Lifestyle group, I suspected as much but it still was a surprise. To say that I will miss her is an understatement. Her replacement – Maya – is ok but that bond we’ve developed over the past 15 months will be very hard to replace. However, as I missed 3 classes in December due to cold, mother, and other schedule conflict, it’s very clear to me that I need these classes more now than ever. Ok, so I like the people too. Anyway, still have my original weight loss goal to attain this year and that’s going to get done.

12/15/15 – Ugg, I’m out of it with a mild cold…never a good place. I ought to find the sick day guide in my book for assistance but instead, I’ve just wanted to eat comfort food. I’m up again to 171 after being down to 166.5 [sigh]. It’s all good but it’s not my goal. Amanda’s back with us for the rest of the Xmas period. We are working out tomorrow together again. That really is fun. My thoughts are going to the NYD hike and have narrowed it down a bit. I’m predicting rain though. Was interesting having a new cohort join our lifestyles class last week. They are fresh from the active experience and it’s kinda fun being the ‘old’ guys. Anyway, gotta rally and get it together until the end of the year. I’ve given myself a break from step count goals. In January I’m back to 10k/day and up. I can see how this does help though. It’s hard in winter to get out even around here. Did have a real bunch of work last week that I went back into my work mode. Still, still, still, have to remember to move, to get out and walk, every day. Yikes. I’ve gotten very lazy and sloppy with my tracking though of late, not bored with it but if I wait to long to track, I omit stuff and I have been omitting stuff. Part of that is the snacking. I’ll fix that too in a bit.

12/2/15 – Ok, so now I’m back to 168 after an excursion up to 172 caused by…well eating too much on the Thanksgiving weekend and just eating to pass the time need to say BAD more often this time of year I guess. Looked back a year ago and I was 195, my how I have changed. The TRC Fit workouts seem a bit easier and Goju is as hard as ever but physically I’m managing it. I’ve backed off on the step goals though with 10k being my goal that as long as I’m near it, that’s ok. Was a bit distressed though at my weight gain trend. Hadn’t been above 170 for a long time. Really have to watch that. Snacking and appetizers seem to be my enemy but beer and bread are the triggers. Amanda is heading home today and I shall miss her although she returns for Xmas in several weeks. We worked out twice at TRC Fit and I must say that it does my heart good to see her energy and enjoyment of working up a good sweat in the early am with her father. I hope to join her in her class when we next visit Palm Springs. The ripples this program has caused – such as Amanda’s fitness – have been a truly unexpected blessing. Thank goodness I said yes to this program. Amazing.

11/24/15 – Well, I had a great pleasure this morning, Amanda, visiting us for this week, joined in on my morning TRC Fit class @ 5:30am. As she posted on facebook this morning’ “Tuesday brag: 7:30 am and I already burned off breakfast and lunch. Thanks, Dad, for the great workout!” You got it kid. What fun. It was a hard work out too. She did say that her kettle bell class in Palm Springs is harder…ok but she was sweating more than I was…just sayin’. Regardless, we both had a great start to the day. Weight still over 170 but after the weekend pig out at Heart’s Desire, what should I expect. Feeling strong though. All good.

11/19/15 – Working out is the new mantra I guess. I’m a little disturbed in that I hit 172 several days ago after a major stress and eating day, it’s back down but really, my weight has risen a bit. I clearly stronger but I’m hungrier as well. It’s annoying because I’m farther from my goal now than last spring. Adding it up, I think I need to reup my steps and reduce my intake. Oh, and stop with the artizen bread that didn’t have anything to do with this right? Hmmm.

11/10/15 – Worked out S/M/T/W/Th/F/S yikes. I’m tired and back at it again. All that working out did make me eat a lot more and I spiked out over 170 for the first time since early July. Back down again to ‘normal’ 168. I did pig out on pizza and ice cream Saturday though – might have been a factor…no candy though.

11/4/15 – Worked out Sunday, Goju Monday, Afterburn Tuesday, Shockwave Today (and Goju tonight), ouch! My weight is stabilizing somewhere around 167-168lbs. Not happy with this as it’s not my goal. Talked to Angela last night and made a commitment, no more ice cream until Thanksgiving (11/26), gotta do this as the ice cream addiction is getting worse. I sabotage myself each time I drop a bit. So this should keep me honest and accountable. I’m also working on a similar agreement with Angela for no Halloween candy – was fine until yesterday afternoon when the bowl of goodies showed up in the kitchen at work. Gotta avoid that place. Not easy but again, being accountable helps.

10/21/15 – Back to the Future Day today. I realized that I’ve lived in all three time periods 1955, 1985, and 2015…weird. Anyway, been working REALLY hard at the gym, Goju, and steps. Bouncing between 164 and 168 though. My body will be needing a rest soon. Did Kata Saifa for the first time in ? 5-7 years? I always liked it and still am learning it. I do wish there was a white belt or green belt in the class but having 4 black belts on a regular basis is inspiring too. We did a yoga breathing deal in MWM last night and it was enjoyable even though I find no kick from yoga anything. Regardless, life is good mostly and so am I.

10/15/15 – I hit 164 again today. I feel like I might even loose more but…that has not been the case. In my second week of Goju Kai and hanging in there just fine. It’s not about my body, it’s now about my head. Got sooo much to remember old and new. It’s cool though. I must say that I’m working out harder than I can ever remember, short of some week long climbing adventures from the past. It’s hard though as I’m not in my twenties. My skin is not as thick and my feet aren’t padded, but I’ll survive. Did another hike (about 4 miles) on North Sonoma Mountain RP last night with Sharon as well. Yikes! The guy in the gym this morning said, ‘I don’t know where you find the energy, you are going like a rocket!’ I’ll take that as a good compliment! Wow.

10/7/15 – More than one year has passed since I started this blog and my journey. I’m fit, happy, near my target weight of 163 today @ 165. I’ve trained for climbing Mt. Shasta and did quite well on the mountain even though not making the top. This week I returned to Goju Kai for the first time in ? 7 years and I feel great. All in all there is a lot to be thankful for this year.

9/22/15 – 166 back down from 168.5, again. Well, a trip to Oregon to visit Bruce and Martha as well as the photo shoot to Bodie etc., caused a ripple in the training and program but I’ve held quite nicely. Going to try a final assault on the 163 goal over the next few weeks. Control intake and up the exercise. Got to do it now mostly to get it over with. After that, I’ll consider myself in real ‘maintenance’ mode. Although I would like to be 155 but that may really be out of the question. The TRC Fit program is just killing it for me and I’m glad I’m in it. Looks to me that checking in every 2 weeks or so now is about a often as I can do it. It’s been a year, a good year, an amazing year.

9/3/15 – 165.5 and holding. Got to do a presentation on ‘my story’ to MWM orientation class yesterday at MOB 2 in Petaluma. Was a lot of fun and writing my speech – which I of course I got off script from – was good to reflect and focus. This blog served its purpose and allowed me to check my facts over the past year. I think one of the best comments I got came after class when one woman I spoke with said that she saw me sitting at the back and wondered what ‘that skinny guy’ is doing here! Think I didn’t smile a lot after that all day? Very cool. Good to give back a bit as well.

8/26/15 – Well another milestone. Yesterday at my weekly Kaiser weigh in, I hit 169.2. That’s the first time below 170 for me. As my ritual is my morning weight in at home, I do keep an eye on the Kaiser – fully clothed late afternoon – weekly number. This morning though I’m back down to 164.5. Sharon said she has to get going now too. Interesting.

8/25/15 – Continuing to continue. Back at 165-again- and getting into a rhythm with the TRC Fit program @ two days/week. Getting stronger now. Did 15 minutes of cardio on the treadmill after class and actually ran for 5 minutes and could have done more! That’s a change. Wow. Got out kayaking last Sunday on Tomales Bay and had a great enjoyable paddle. This morning though my belt of choice (a size 38) now hangs loose on me even with the extension holes I put in it. It’s going to the donation box today. Crazy, I’m reshaping my body. Wow.

8/19/15 – Continuing to maintain. Currently at 165 still all below 169 and above 164…so far. Working hard at the TRC Fit program and all the other stuff. Last Friday I did finally have my wedding ring resized from a 10.5 to a 9.5. I can finally wear it with out it falling off. Who knew that loosing weight would affect your finger size so much? Gotta love it. Feeling accomplished.

8/11/15 – Well since my last I’ve been able to maintain my weight below 169 hitting a low of 164 and a high of 168.5. Not bad considering a party etc. in between. Also keeping my steps above 10k every day now. Went for a one night camp out at Salt Point SP with Sharon Sunday. Did a nice hike to the pygmy forest about 3+ miles and mostly uphill. Feeling great and doing awesome, heck, even TRC is getting easier. Have set a new goal though. After spending Saturday afternoon with the old (and they are now old) Goju crowd, I’m going to start again in October. My goal is to go to promotional somewhere in the next year and make brown belt. It would be nice to advance once in 40 years…

7/31/15 – Announcement! Today I have finally hit 164.4 lbs. which means that I’ve now lost 70 lbs since staring this program. Amazing and to celebrate, I now have Sharon’s cold… 🙁

7/30/15 – Nine days later with almost every day at or more than 10k steps and several weeks of TRC Fit and…I’ve hit 165.5 for two days in a row! That means I’m now at 69 lbs down and counting. Still trying to get to 163, it’s close but so far away. However, the fact that I’ve actually broken through a bit is so encouraging. Staying away from the office parties has been a help as well. Got to keep going!

7/21/15 – Ok, another two weeks gone by. Bounced up to 171.5 on the 10th (birthday glow I guess) and got back down to 166.5 on the 18th, holding at 167.5 more or less. Been trying to get 10k steps on the fitbit every day now, this and not over indulging at parties, seems to be keeping me closer in the zone. Have to keep it up though and see if I can finally get to my goal. Time will tell again.

7/7/15 – Yikes, it’s been almost seven weeks since my last post. Lots to tell but I’m not going to go into great detail. The following graphic will tell the story of the last six months. TSM_weight Basically, since transitioning back to real food, I’ve lost a bit and then gone essentially sideways. While I get all upset if I gain a pound or two, I also get happy when I loose the same, however, I can’t seem to get below 166. You can see the effects of all my training for Mt. Shasta through the end of May but then I feel I have had a let down in June and early July a bit. I should be happy but I’m still feeling like I want to get to that magic number I set for myself in March. It’s clear – to me – that this will only be accomplished by lowering my intake a bit for enough time to get there and stay there. I’m trying to move in this direction now in July. It’s hard though as I need a firm new goal to work towards. I have ideas but I haven’t really nailed them down – yet. I will say that my pant size is now 34, that’s down from my starting point of 44. I’ve gotten rid of some size 38 pants I bought along the way as they are just too big! Very cool.

5/22/15 – I believe I’ve recovered from another party (last Saturday in Kings Beach) +3 lbs now back to ‘normal’ weight. Parties are my enemy for sure, mix in some alcohol and I’m off the plan for sure – for that day. Been working on meal planning for the Shasta backpack/climbing trip. Much more analytical about it now and much more looking at what my needs will be. Honestly, the knowledge gained so far has been a help but my long ago developed backpacking meal planning skills weren’t too far off either. The big difference is water, I need to carry a lot more water now. Well so be it.

5/13/15 – Still kinda yo-yoing but I hit 166 even this morning. That is THE lowest measurement since I started this program or 68.5 lbs. Just want to get to 70 lost. Why? Because it’s a round number I guess. I’ve started to ramp up my workouts to 90min per day too. Seems to be working but you never know at this point. Still a little less food and a little more working out should result in some loss. Also giving a lot of focus to planning for Mt. Shasta. Food will not be trivial this time but I have more tools for planning. Interesting.

5/6/15 – Well I’m now in the ‘Life Styles’ class of the program. It feels different and not as urgent as the last 6 months. That may be good and bad. Don’t know but I’m in this for 18 months regardless. Got down to 166.5 this morning, why? Not sure but I’ll take it as it matches my previous low. With my mother staying with us this week, have not been as active either. Sorta feeling it but I’m worried about my Shasta training schedule. Got to kick it up a notch or two very soon.

4/27/15 – Still down at 167.5. Did the Mt. Saint Helena hike with Mike and Martin Saturday. Figured out that combining Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I clocked 26 miles! It’s hard to remember any similar period for a long, long, time. Very cool. I’m a bit sore today as I took yesterday easy with some light work and swimming but I’m really good now.

4/24/15 – Down…back to 168 after hike/gym/hike/gym and watching what I eat again. All good now. Did 8+miles last night at the new North Sonoma Mountain RP. Wonderful evening hike as the Warriors and the Giants also had spectacular wins. The final meeting of my Novato group on Tuesday night was fun and interesting. I shall miss many of the Marin folk. Great food choices as well. Ok, so my barleywine had its usual effects, but it was a food party of a weight looser group! Contradiction much? Yep.

4/20/15 – Up/down/up/down, ok, I guess that’s what it’s come too. I did have a let down yesterday and ate my way to a 4 lb increase to 172 this morning. Not good but, I knew it was likely too, and clearly working out this week should rectify the gain quickly. Clearly though, 167ish seems to be a barrier for me and also an island as well. Once again, I find that taking my eye off the prize, even for an afternoon party, results in a gas price increase in weight (goes up quick, comes down slow). I did have my first alcohol since September though. It was one of my 2 year old barleywine. It was good (as usual) and surprisingly got me silly in the normal way. I had expected some kind of change in this with the long layoff. Will have some more tomorrow night but I’m going to avoid it for some time to come as much as possible, can’t hurt and might help. Did a 4.5 mile hike up the North Sonoma Mountain Park Friday night. Amazing views in this new park. Will need to return there soon.

4/9/15 – Good news is that I’m back down to 167.5 and have gotten back on track after the Easter bump. The other good news is that we got our ‘After’ images taken. So here is my Before and After shots reflecting the change from mid September 2014 to April 2015: My before and after loss image
4/7/15 – As I posted yesterday on FaceBook: ‘Ugg…with all the focus last fall on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have to say it might have been good to do some planning for Easter. For my family this has always been a big family day, with the usual over eating and as we host it, much more house cleaning and sitting around than exercise. Last fall, it was easy to get through this gauntlet, not so for me yesterday. Net result, biggest weight gain today in months. I have no doubt I’ll work it off again but this was clearly a reality check that old habits remain and I have a lot of work to do.’ So, with almost 2 hours in the gym last night and a new routine from Geri, I’m down a 1/2 lb to 170.5. Still too much tempting stuff in the house though.

4/4/15 – Great day – Did a 9 mile hike in the Marin Headlands with Bob and Karen. Felt great and the wild flowers were just pumping. Great day.

4/1/15 – For the record, this is not a joke! So yesterday, I took an impromptu vacation day and did my second mountain climbing workout/hike. I climbed Mt. Barnabe (about 1,500 feet) in Samuel P. Taylor SP coupled with 10 miles of strenuous hiking. I did it, in good shape (my left knee is feeling it though today). Amazing views from up there even with the cool breezes. Amazing calm just sitting enjoying view as I’ve done, long ago in my climbing days. Gotta do more of this again and soon. Here is my summit piture.
On the 29th I also spent an hour at House of Air with the kids at Kyra’s 12th birthday getting big air. Felt really revved up too. Lots of fun. Here I am at it. Thanks Amanda for this shot.
3/28/15 – Seems like it’s getting harder to report lately. Little change in my state holding about 168 for days now. I seem to be hungry all the time too. This could be a spill over of work or just – yikes – my body fighting back. Don’t know. Fitness is good though. Had problems this past week in the office kitchen with Starbusts/Peanuts/stuff. Got to stop snacking.

3/16/15 – Got down to 167 and now back to 168. Yo-yo again. Have recovered from my hike nicely though. Resolved to get rid of the large-large shirts now (some larges are bigger than others). While it’s a pain to do, logging all of my food clearly helps me through each day. I’m mostly honest about it all. Warm weather over the weekend.

3/13/15 – I hit 168 this morning. That’s after a 6.5 mile hike with close to 2,000 feet gained and lost! Bald Mountain is now mine. Going to be picking other mountains to climb as well, although my body feels it today. That old left knee issue is back. Regardless, it was wonderful yesterday in Sugarloaf Ridge SP.

3/10/15 – Another week’s gone by. I’m down to 168.5 or so. Seems to be again stabilizing but I am eating more. I’m also taking my own advice and chilling out about it. Every day is a struggle balancing out the food/calories/protein/carbs/water. I wonder if I’m up to this task 1/2/5/or 10 years from now. Hope so but I can see that it’s easy to just say WTF.

3/4/15 – Holly crap, 169.5 yesterday and 168.5 today. WTF? I was told last night that a weight plateau typically lasts 5-6 weeks and then…apparently I’ve left the plateau. Great but where’s it going? No idea but it’s great.

3/2/15 – New month, new attitude. So for the rest of February, I’ve continued with the sideways progress, and then today, I FINALLY hit 170lbs. That’s the last weight goal I’ve had, there are a few other goals but this one was the biggie and given my February lack of progress, I was wondering if I’d make it at all. But I have and I’m happy. Ok, still want to get to about 165 if there is a way but I’m not going to be so obsessive about it. All in all, it’s a good feeling to be at this point.

2/23/15 – Ok, so I get it now, the scale hates me and February…I’m still yo-yoing between 170.5 and 172. Up down up down, yikes! Just pick a direction and keep going I say. I am really really watching what I eat as well. Grrrr…very frustrating. On the other hand, I bought new shorts on Thursday night and they are ALL size 36. Considering that I was a solid size 44 when I started all of this, that’s more than just a small victory. But can we just get me below 170, please?

2/18/15 – After a long wonderful weekend, the cold fog has returned. On the weight front, I’m finding February is proving more difficult than I thought. Yes, I’m exercising, and yes, I’m watching what I eat, however, I’m not loosing weight anymore – nor gaining it either. I’m still hovering around 171-172 lbs. It’s a bit frustrating. I began to work with our class leader on this. She indicated last night that loosing more will be quite difficult but I’m game so…we shall see.

2/12/15 – Today is my 43rd wedding anniversary! That’s a lot of years with the same wonderful woman. Happily, with my weight reduction, I’m much closer to what I used to be so long ago than in a long long time. This is all good. I’m hovering around 171.5 now and a calorie intake around 1400 +/- 500 per day. We had our first meeting with our personal trainer last night – ok my butt officially got kicked – well that’s what you wanted! Happy days.

2/9/15 – Well, I’m eating a bit more and grrrr, I’m gaining a little back. I’m at 172 today. It’s amazing how a pound here or there can ruin the start to my day. I’m still eating a lot less than ever before but I’m also eating more now than at any time since mid September. Gotta kick up the exercise and level out the food. I knew this stage would be hard and…it is. I feel like I’m watching the stock market…

2/8/15 – Sorry for the big posting gap, had the flu (yuck), spent 4 days with Amanda in Palm Springs, went to several restaurants(!) and generally have been rediscovering food yet am still losing weight (170.5). I have to say that the world of real food is fun and interesting, not to say confusing. I’m glad I have my tracking tools to figure out where I am every day calorie wise. I seem to be in the 1400+/-500 calories range this week and it feels very comfortable. I’d like to say that I planned it all out but, it hasn’t been possible to get really into a schedule every day so, tracking it daily with Lose!It has been a major help.

1/27/15 – Ok, the basics, I’m at 173 and very s l o w l y loosing now. 170 still seems in reach though. I am mostly done with the cold and hit the gym Sunday. I’ll be going again today as well. I am having issues with food. I’ve hit two days of compulsive eating bouts. I see it and I want to eat it (not the cat of course!). Got to come to grips with this trend. This really is disturbing.

1/23/15 – Well, I think I’ve already said it on my FaceBook wall so I’m going to just quote it all here.

Rough day for me yesterday. I’m fighting a cold and as I saw last time, it makes my will power decrease and my attitude go all negative. I’m off on my exercise, I’m cold, and I’m hungry. Uggg. Angela should not have mentioned berries Tuesday. My comfort food yesterday was some dried white mulberries (I’ve never eaten them or liked them before, weird). Could not stop snacking on them yesterday. There are lots of worse things for sure but when I added up all the damage I was still only about 100 calories over my budget for the day and I was able to get out for a walk in the sun. I didn’t feel this yesterday but this morning, writing this after adding up the ‘damage’ done, I think I may be changing in more ways than I hoped for. Because if I can get through these down times and mostly keep on this program, I may just make it for many more years to come. I will also say that I considered reaching out to some of you [in my group] yesterday to talk me down from the dried mulberry ledge…

1/22/15 – Cold still kicking my butt but it’s more that I’m just tired a lot. Anyway, had my first dinner last night, consisting of about 4 oz. of roasted chicken breast with cajun spices and asparagus with lemon juice. No real profound tastes but it’s nice to cook something and eat it too. In a few weeks, I’ll be back to something normal – a new normal mind you.

1/21/15 – Down with another cold – again. Should be happy that I’ve hit 174 and have lost 60.5 lbs but not feeling it really. Difficult last week although the transition back to food is going ok so for.

1/16/15 – Been quite a week – too much work and too little other time. I got down to 177 a few days ago then bounced back to 179, 178, and now back to 177.5. All normal. Yesterday, I began the transition back to normal food with my first real stuff (1 C cottage cheese + 2 C of raw carrots and celery) for breakfast. Not the breakfast of champions but it was quite good after all that soy stuff. This transition back to food starts slow, which is good. I’m not around 1050 cal/day up from 960 cal/day.

1/10/15 – Finally! I’ve achieved another goal. This morning (after a very difficult week which really isn’t over), I weighed in at 178.5 lbs. So I’m now below 180. One more real goal to go, 174 or less. It looks doable.

1/7/15 – I suppose after yesterday’s post that I need to update things a bit. I’m back down to 181, might not seem like much but it’s back in the right direction. Last night in class we were given ‘the package’ which had the details of transition back to normal food. As I expected, we got the info we needed at the right time. The first week (starting on 1/14) will be easy I believe as it’s only adding 45 to 90 calories and focus on breakfast. This small bump in daily calories will still be well below a ‘normal’ level. On another note, got my blood work done and my A1c was 5.6! That is the lowest it’s ever been since I was diagnosed in late 2008. My Kaiser doc suggested that it might even be too low! Really? Wow.

1/6/15 – Ok, so I’m having a an internal debate about how detailed/honest I want to be on this blog. While I will say that there are some details of this process which are…well…very personal and in fact gross, I’ve been clear that I wasn’t going to go into them, but, now I’m faced with an honesty detail. So…here goes, I went off my program last night. I had – and still am having – a rough patch at work. Keeping mind my BAD skill (bored, angry, or depressed), the evil thoughts crept back into my head and that spare box of See’s Truffles got more and more on my mind. As I have not once, and I mean once, eaten anything other than one piece of popcorn a ways back, gotten off this program and I’ve been just rockin’ the exercise, my evil mind said, go ahead, you could just have one (or two) of those, etc., etc., etc.,…so I did, and they were as good as I expected/remembered. Then I couldn’t stop for a bit. I will throw the box away tonight (not an empty box either). Result? Spiked my blood sugar, apparently gained around a pound, and sorta felt that I’d let myself down a bit but also realized that I needed to give in once to all of that. I kinda think I needed to conduct this experiment as I’ve made it all the ways through the holidays without doing that very thing. The good parts are that: 1) I did record it in LoseIt!, 2) went through the nutrition analysis of one of those truffles, interesting, and 3) now know that the upcomming transition back to real food will be difficult but not painful. Sooooo, know that I’m going to be a brutally honest here as I can be.

1/4/15 – First post of 2015…still loosing and I’m now at 180.5 and counting. Had a great NYDH with the family plus a cool hike on Cataract Creek yesterday and Putnam Park today! Yikes, I’ve got energy!

12/31/14 – My last post here for 2014. Holly crap, I hit 182.5 this morning or a net 52 pounds down. Given that a year ago I was ? somewhere in the mid 230’s this seems like a dream to be back to a weight zone that I considered overweight in my 40’s but here I am with the promise of more to loose. The 170’s are now clearly in sight. It hasn’t be cheap or easy but I am transforming myself – finally – and there is no question that this is a change I will want to maintain and keep. 2015 will present many challenges but losing weight is getting to be not one of them. Happy New Year all.

12/29/14 – Ok, so this morning I’ve finally hit 50 pounds lost! That’s a big deal for me as it’s another milestone on this journey. I’m at 184.5. Next goal is below 180 and after that is 60 pounds gone. Been hitting the gym everyday now except Christmas and will keep it up till New Year’s Day. Still feeling great and have once again been clothes shopping. Think I’m done now for awhile.

12/23/14 – Wow, I hit 186 this morning. Two more and it’ll be down 50 pounds since the start. Still a long way to the 170’s but it’s in sight. Nice.

12/22/14 – Back in the gym Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and a 3 mile night walk in P-town Sunday! Ok, I’m over the cold and back at it. I hit 188 lbs. Saturday and am holding there. My intention is to get to the gym every day possible through the end of the year. All good.

12/18/14 – Holly cats! Weighed in this morning (after getting up about 4 times last night) and I’m at 189 lbs! I’m finally below 190, just like that. One last goal to go now 180. Seems like a long way away though, but so did 220, 200, and 190. Got to the gym too yesterday and am headed back shortly today as well. Yippee!

12/16/14 – Cold hung on for longer than I thought it would but it’s 95% gone now. It really took me off my exercise game and my steps per week reflect that. Tried to go to the gym last weekend but the energy just wasn’t there. Hopefully I can get back on program today. I’m down to 191 and the combination of light exercise and a lot of sitting has slowed the rate of loss. Still though, had to get more clothes Friday and I can clearly wear size 38 so I’ve lost 6 inches of my waist. Wow. More to go but I am getting tired of this limited food choice. There are just too many good smells this time of year and I particularly miss Sharon’s cooking. Looking forward to transition in later January.

12/11/14 – Lots of rain lately and a cold that is still hanging on has kept me from getting out much for walking. Still loosing though and I’m now at 191.5. 190 is the next goal and that looks soon to be in the rear view mirror. Other than being sick with this cold, all is well.

12/3/14 – Well, chalk this break up to the Thanksgiving Holiday and associated diversions. For starters, as of this morning I’m down to 195.5, or 39 lbs down. Got a cold yesterday and am having to figure out how to work this meal replacement deal with no or very low calorie stuff. Interesting challenge. Didn’t go to class yesterday too. Made it through Thanksgiving with out any temptations. Took Amanda back to Palm Springs and it was hard to get some exercise while traveling 11 hrs. Interesting as well.

11/24/14 – Ok, so today for really for sure, I’m now at 199.5 lbs. Again, this is the first time in 15 years that I’m below 200. More to go, of course, but I’m getting there.

11/21/14 – I’ve reached my second goal! I’m now at 200 lbs. My third goal is now to get below 190. With the rain this week, it’s been harder to get out walking but it’s not impossible either. Also hit the chiropractor yesterday for a tune up. Figured that with all the changes I want things in the right place again. The good news is that they mostly were. Update: decided to go shopping for pants today as a bit of a reward. It’s gotten to the point were belts aren’t, shall we say, closing the gap? Well 40 waist works now and I’m almost a 38 (not yet but soon). Got a couple of pair, hopefully these will become my ‘big pants’ before the end of the program.

The 11/19/14 – Now at 201 just a bit more and I’ll reach my second goal 200 pounds! Looks like this will happen before Turkey Day if not sooner. While clearly the weather is colder, I’ve been feeling colder too, particularly my hands. Just can’t seem to get them warm. I suspect this is related to increased metabolism rate and low caloric intake. We were talking a bit about this in class last night. Others have expressed this cold feeling, as well as, being hungry. Was told that we need to keep an eye on this and may need to increase intake. I’ve only had the hungry’s a few times and generally around when I’m exercising. Water intake has helped on that so far. Class continues to get more chummier too. As any good group goes, we are getting to know each other and be more comfortable. I’m getting the impression that while I’m having a easy go of it – so far – this is not true for some others. It’s not grumbling I’m hearing just more like lack of terrific success. Again, time will tell on this. We did lose our first member from the class. This was due to work schedule changes beyond his control (and was sort of expected too). Sad though. However, we are 10 weeks in to an 82 week program and it is a bit early for this. Also starting to twitter a bit about transition back to real food starting in 2 months. I think this will be my real test to come…

11/15/14 – Hit 203 yesterday. It just keeps on rolling off. Wow. Did this graph of my weight loss. Interesting to see that it’s a nearly straight line. My weight loss so far.
11/13/14 – Yesterday I forgot to mention that I hit 204, that’s thirty pounds down from my start. That was also fulfillment of an old gift to my wife – 30 lbs off. Finally achieved this after ? 4 or 5 years. Awesome. More to go.

11/12/14 – Well last night in class we reviewed ‘SMART’ and did some coverage of how to treat (that’s last part of SMART) ourselves to obtaining goals both short and long term. For me the pleasure of just getting the weight down with each pound gone is quite a treat all by itself. I did reveal my longer term goal in class though. With the weight loss I’m expecting, I’m going to focus my training after Christmas with the goal of making my last attempt at climbing Mt. Shasta on Memorial Day. Bagged in in 1978, failed in 1994 and 1997. I’d given up on any serious mountaineering after my 2006 poor performance on the Matterhorn Peak attempt but, right now, with the lighter more energetic me, Mt. Shasta seems within reach. However, there’s lots of lesser hills to climb between now and then. Still though, I’m thinking about it and will be contacting Terry, Mike, Martin, and perhaps even Russ about it.

11/10/14 – Busy weekend including two gym visits and a hike in Putnam Park. Continue to feel great and continue to loose weight. I’m at 205 this morning. I think the thing that is most interesting to me right now is that I want the weight loss to hurry up. I get a little ticked when I haven’t lost anything each day. Yet when I look at each week the loss is steady. I still don’t really know where I’ll end up. My hoped for goal is the 180’s but…I could get lower I think – 170’s? really? Who knows.

11/6/14 – Well, I’m at 208 now and holding for a bit apparently. All good. Had an experience yesterday where I forgot one of my portions at work as I took off for class. Had to hit the bookstore to see if I could find anything equivalent as I wasn’t going 6 hours with out food. Found a Nugo coffee bar @ 170 calories and similar nutrients that worked. I had considered if I was in desperate straights to get something like a Snickers and eat only a portion equivalent to 160 calories…didn’t have to do that though. Phew!

11/3/14 – Call it a workout weekend. I’m tired and a bit sore but I’m now 209.5lbs wow. Oh, and one more thing. Yesterday I started a small but growing pile of clothes too big for me now to give away.

10/30/14 – Again a week has passed. I’m down to 211 as of this morning. This really has been fairly easy. I’m in a great regime for food/exercise/etc. We were beginning to consider in class this week how things will go as we begin to transition back to regular food in about 3 months. Now, that sounds hard. The LoseIt! app is ok for tracking. Again, things are going ok.

10/24/14 – A whole week has passed! I’m down to 214! That makes it 20lbs since I started. I feel it too, I’m just lighter and my skin seems to be in the process of contracting were it was…er…expanded. Tried the tomato soup this week, first day – yuck, but last night I gave it a spin with the mixer and WOW is that different. It actually tastes like tomato soup sans lumps. Never going to like tomatoes but…it’s now a more viable option to the chicken soup that’s never been actually some part of a chicken. Also starting to use the LoseIt! app on the smart phone. Finally figured out how to get the products in there. Ok, so I’m tracking everything. Also hitting the gym now, goal is three times a week, will make that no sweat :-). Bottom line here is that things are going ok.

10/17/14 – Well part of the way through this week I had a very stressful day. Normally, I would have headed home and celebrated/consoled myself with some adult beverage or two. Can’t do that now. I settled for vegging out watching the Giants game (we are going to the World Series!) and having a bottle of sparkling water. Still though, stress makes me hungry and I really felt the need to eat more than I can. I guess that’s part of this, finding ways to overcome those tendencies. Down to 217.5. They did tell us at our meeting that our weight loss will slow to a rate of 1-2 lbs/week. That’s safe they say…

10/13/14 – Another week down. Still doing good on the meal replacements, it’s almost too easy. Saturday I hit 219.5! Finally below 220. Next goal is 200. Went kayaking on Tomales Bay this weekend and got a great workout. I’ve been looking for opportunities to walk more now. All in all quite good.

10/4/14 – Quite a week so far. I continue to find that I’ve easily shifted on to the meal replacements and except for the D word issues, I’m fine. I’m down to 222.5 this morning! If I get below 220 it will be the first time since late 1999. Last night I had to go get some ice cream for Sharon and the grand kids. I have to say that spending time in the grocery store is not helpful, same goes for the kitchen. Too many automatic want to eat this or that responses. So far so good though.

9/30/14 – Well I’m on my 7th day of meal replacements. So far so good although the predicted “D” word has been in action since last Saturday night, ugg. Given that I was traveling Friday through Monday, I’ve been able to manage all the diabetes treatment changes on the go as well as water / meal times. I’ve really not had any cravings yet. It was fun to share meals with Paul and the others just by saying, ‘I’m on a strict diet, could I just have hot water please,’ worked very well. Weighed myself this morning 225.5 so…that’s 8.5lbs lost. I feel it too. Need a belt for the work pants now. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I drove 913 miles this past weekend all by myself and had almost no sleepiness. Paul suggest this is a result of my diabetes management. All of this is very encouraging.

9/24/14 – First day on meal replacements. Way to many things to carry / figure out how to schedule, etc. Combined with my deadlines and Art 60, my life just got way more complicated. Figured out that I need about 7 24oz. water bottles per day. Hunger pains already at 9 from my ‘shake’ at 7. Yes, this is going to be just wonderful…Update: Ok, doing better. However, I’ve come to realize that with all the water I now have to drink daily (up to 5 qts.), the insidious nature of this program has revealed itself. My new exercise program consists of a 10 fold increase in trips to the bathroom, yikes!

9/23/14 – Second meeting. Was kinda chaotic as we had to do the BMI measurements and started late. Did an ice breaker with our members but should have focused more on how to eat the food. Not too happy about this. Got my first weekly bag of meal replacements. Well that went well.

9/23/14 – First night. Got my “before” picture taken, weighed in (234), measured, vitals, sampled all the products – yucky soup. Met the group, filled forms, filled out the first food order. Will start all of this next week.

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