January 2015

Shooting all month with the Q7 + 01 Prime lens (mostly)
Day 1 – Sunset over the Pacific from the Sonoma Coast
Day 2 – Why I won’t be buying lenses in 2015.
Day 3 – A walk in the Marin woods along Cataract Creek and an extra from SF.
Day 4 – Selective color day – red: The Fire Lane.
Day 5 – Selfie Practice
Day 6 – Night Moves (not my best effort but it’s what I got).
Day 7 – Fencelines
Day 8 – Defeet. I’ve held off on posting this today hoping that I might have some other subject besides a dead mouse but I’m very busy today/tonight and I have no time for photography. However, this rodent was the result of traps put out in our office kitchen last night.
Day 9 – Two Faces – Fun with selective color in Cotati at night.
Day 10 – Sunset on Mt. Tam – Growing up where I did, this view I saw so often and was so familiar to me that when I see it now on the occasional visits to my mothers house, it brings back a lot of good memories. Nice.
Day 11 – Green Day on my walking trail
Day 12 – Another late night at 1425
Day 13 – Lovely view on my noontime walk
Day 14 – Seen too much of QWERTY lately and too little of the outside.
Day 15 – Abstract Day – Fingers
Day 16 – Blue Sky on Blue Day
Day 17 – Shopping trip – fruit
Day 18 – Blue Sky on Blue Day
Day 19 – Bowling Ball Beach
Day 20 – Sunset on the Oaks
Day 21 – Selfie Day
Day 22 – Plumbing Problems
Day 23 – Green, Yellow, and Blue
Day 24 – Hip Hop Performance
Day 25 – Black and White Day – The Face of Athena
Extra shot for fun
_IMP9338Day 29 – My Reality Today
Day 26 – The Great Pacific Ocean from Hawk Hill
Extra – looking the other direction
Day 27 – New Toy Arrivals
Day 28 – Sky Shot – Down with the flu
Day 29 – My Reality Today
Day 30 – On the way to Palm Springs
Extra – night lights
Day 31 – Tahquitz Canyon Photography

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