Blog name change

I’ve decided to shorten the name of my blog to simply – TSM-Photograpy. It was headed that way anyway and I’ll be changing my watermark as well. I feel I need to separate my photography from my web design biz. So, as of today. That split has been made.

No change in content or focus of this blog. Just the simpler name.


Our visit to MD, DC, and VA, part 3

Friday morning it was time to leave the Washington DC area and head east to Chincoteague Island on the Delmarva peninsula. With my typical dumb luck, while rushing around to load the car, I managed to seriously twist my ankle (for the second time in month) a problem that I’m still recovering from. This injury kept me from being greatly mobile the rest of the trip. Anyway, I still had a great time in spite of this.
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Our visit to MD, DC, and VA, part 2

Part 2 – Washington DC Day 2

We began our second day in DC heading for the Museum of Natural History. This was always a favorite of our children when we lived in Maryland and upon our return with grandchildren it continued to be a favorite. This time we took the Metro in to town and rode the escalators up out of the depths to the mall again.
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Our visit to MD, DC, and VA, part 1

In February of this year, our daughter Jocelyn came to us with some news.
“I’m planning a trip to Washington, D.C. this May with Kyra,” she said.
“Great,” we said then she said, “but I need you to come along…”
“Oh?” we said.
Well to make a long story shorter here, the plan was to spend 10 days in the Maryland (MD), Washington, D.C. (DC), and Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) area as an enrichment for our 11 year old granddaughter, Kyra. As we had lived in MD in the 1980’s we were all quire familiar with the destinations although we hadn’t really been back in close to 25 years. So…that started the wheels turning for our visit. Over several months we hatched out a plan to fly from SFO to BWI (Baltimore Washington International airport, my favorite in the DC area) in mid May, get a car, spend about 6 days in the DC area visiting the Mall and museums, travel to Chincoteague Island, VA, then to Williamsburg, VA and depart from Norfolk, VA. Over the next few posts I’ll tell the story of this neat trip. I won’t share all the images I took as these can be found on my Flickr album but…I will show the highlights.
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Visit to the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

Yet another weekend travel story. In early May of this year, we traveled with our old friends Shari and Dave to the coastal town of Fort Bragg, California, located in Mendocino County. It’s about a 2-hour ride there and the scenery gets better the closer you get to Ft. Bragg. The purpose of the trip was to spend some time with our friends and visit the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, just south of Ft. Bragg. Although we have visited the Ft. Bragg area many times we’d never gone to these lovely botanical gardens featuring, among other things, numerous varieties of rhododendrons – most of which were in full bloom that weekend. So…after checking into our motel room we headed out for an afternoon stroll through the botanical gardens.

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Morning visit to a goat farm

In early March this year, with one of my photo meetup groups, I journeyed early in the morning to west Marin County to Toluma Farms to photograph their goat and sheep ranch operations. They are a Marin County dairy, organic farm and creamery. Just twenty minutes west of Petaluma, in the town of Tomales.
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A Brief Visit to Humboldt County

Another weekend travel story…

Over President’s Day weekend, we drove the four hour ride up to Humboldt County to spend the weekend with our daughter and her fiance (Amanda and Chris) at their home in Blue Lake, California.
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Evening Shoot on Treasure Island

Late in January of this year, I did a meet up with some other photogs on Treasure Island (TI), located in San Francisco Bay. I’ve shot here before a few times mostly at the very large weekend flea market and last fall with a friend I did a sunrise shoot. Sitting in the middle of San Francisco Bay, TI offers excellent views of the San Francisco and East Bay skyline, views of the Bay Bridge, and the assorted older buildings left from the original 1939 fair and the Navy. On this trip though, we were due to arrive at 4pm and with sunset around 5:30pm That meant sunset and skyline were definitely on the agenda.
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Morning at the Sacramento Wildlife Preserve

Recently I returned to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge for a photo meeting with a group from Solano County. I had visited this site a year ago and the temps were in the 30’s, the sky was deep blue, the air was clear, and there was snow in the mountains. One year later, in the midst of a drought, the temps were in the 70’s, the sky was pale blue, the air was dirty, and there was no snow in the mountains. Quite a change. Nevertheless, we decided to make the best of the day and see what we could see.
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Sunrise over the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Got up early today to try to catch sunrise and some clouds over the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge. I’ve shot here a few times before and really like this location because of it’s open sky view for almost 360 degrees of the north bay marshes and distant hills. Through in a view clouds and some ground fog and voila! instant landscape photography. I will say though that the air temps were in the low 30’s and it felt like it.

So Sharon and I headed out about 6:30am this morning for the 30 minute drive over to Ramal Road off of Highway 12. The sky almost too cloudy and I could see that the fog might close in for periods of time but…the pink and blue colors to the east and bit of water in the wetlands, looked very promising. Here’s a couple of early shots.
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