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Report from my Art Class – Portraits

As one of my latest projects, I’m taking Art 21 – Intermediate Photography at SRJC to continue my education back into film and further my artistic development as photographer. I like learning in the classroom environment because it pushes me out of my comfort zone and the feedback I get with critiques is very very important in my learning process. As an example of this, in a recent project I had to do portraiture in the school studio with hot lights. You have to remember, I’m basically a landscape photographer and people are much harder subjects than landscapes. For the shoot, three of us worked as either the photographer, assistant, or model. I shot with my Pentax 645 medium format camera and my 135mm lens, using Ilford Delta 100 film, one of my latest favorite fine grain films. The hard part of the assignment was that we had to do 5 different lighting situations. I’m not very familiar with this sort of stuff so it was an education. I shot 2 rolls of film and these three images I consider my best results from the shoot. To get really good at this, I’d need a whole semester I think.

Note that these images are produced from scans of the negatives and actually the prints from the negatives came out much better in my opinion.

Rembrandt Lighting (sorta)

Experimental Lighting

Direct Lighting

Interestingly enough, when the class picked which image would go in the display case, they picked the experimental one (it was my favorite too).