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Zanzibar back to Moshi

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The plan for the day was to enjoy the last morning in Zanzibar, pack up, have lunch and take the airport shuttle mid afternoon back to Zanzibar airport for the flight to Dar Es Salam and then back to Moshi. By now, I knew most of the staff in the hotel so breakfast and lunch was kinda like being in my own home…not too bad after just a few days there. Feeling rather burnt out on photography I think my only image today was this last shot from the restaurant area looking out on the Indian Ocean.

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Zanzibar Day 3

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My last full day on Zanzibar started well enough and I was able to get a few more sunrise images, although, they weren’t as nice as the day before IMHO.

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Zanzibar Day 2

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After a recovery day, I was ready to get up early and get an Indian Ocean tropical sunrise photographed. Sunrise (and high tide) was at 6:30am (and Sunset was at 6:30pm as well, interesting). Got up, grabbed my gear, and headed out a bit after 6am. With the beach being about 40-50 feet from the common area in the hotel, I didn’t have far to go. It was already light but the sun was hiding below the horizon behind the low tropical cumulus clouds. The light was fairly good but I was hoping for better. The sea was quite calm with only a light shore break very near the sea wall of the hotel.

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My first full day on Zanzibar… I had no real plans for the day other than to get to know the place. I got up too late to get sunrise – wanted to do that as the Moonshine Uroa Boutique Hotel, my new location, has beachfront looking directly east towards sunrise and I felt that I might see some nice sunrise/sea/clouds etc. Going out on a morning look around I was greeted with these views of the hotel and surroundings.

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Moshi to Zanzibar

Michael and I had a 10am flight out of Kilimanjaro Airport. It’s about an hour drive so we were scheduled to leave Twiga House about 7am. I got up early, finished packing (light this time as I was leaving stuff there). Breakfast and Michael got up, had his usual cup or two of coffee. We packed up and left for the airport. Got there just fine and went in through security, early. Then we waited. Our view of our Precision Air plane was this:

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